Everybody in Poland

I have no problem giving you guys advice and pointers thats what this forum is for. But if you ask me to do spells for you or you want a reading i charge for that. I dont care about the money because Maferefun my Eguns and my Muertos i have a good job. But time is money. So if you expect me to spend my limited time usibg my muertos to help you. I expect to paid for it. Understand this my Muertos have to work for me not you. Im not seeking you out. I dont know how but all you guys keep messaging me.

Lol I am from Poland but I do not blody idea what are talking about :smiley:
Too much weed?

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No dick bag im talking about everybody in Poland thats messaging me. Mind your fucking business.

Right - Jay, you’re being pissy and rude, not cool, please cease and desist.

Members on here who display mastery of any paradigm DO get lots of unwanted begging/whining PMs, from freeloaders - it happens, the only alternative is for different software that allows moderators to view all PMs and believe me - this isn’t going to happen, me and Nate & Claidheam have better things to do than view your weird insecurities, and that amusing cat video you just HAVE to share. :o)

If you have this happening, people bugging you, needing real help, whatever - just create a simple, single, stock reply that you copy & paste and hit send for every PM that needs it, I’ll copy you one of mine:

Thank you for asking me to help with your ([i]insert issue[/i] eg: intolerable fetish for dead goats/weird third testicle/dead granny who sucks you off in the astral every night).

I am very busy with my own work right now, so I’m sorry but I can’t give your situation the attention it deserves.

Please consider hiring a paid-for magician who can help you on a more professional basis, or seeking help from someone outside this forum.

~ Eva

People contact you because they TRUST you, they RESPECT you, they really believe you can alter their material existence - so, think of it as training for what existing gods & demons put up with all the time!!

And they’re not out to piss you off - have you never been lost, hopeless, or frightened?

Now - if you do paid-for magick, I don’t want to hear about people sending unsolicited PMs asking for money to fix shit, if you do that, we will ban you.

BUT if you do magick for hire, which is legit, and someone PMs you asking for help, feel free to 1. tell them you only do this for money and 2. take the rest of the conversation to e-mail please, this is nothing to do with BALG and that needs to be made clear, then we’re all good.

I’m locking this because Jay just invaded Poland, and that never ends well. :slight_smile:

PM me if anyone wants clarification on this stuff, or PM another moderator, the forum moderators are GOZER, Claidheam and Lady Eva.