Every prophet of the bible are immortals

Moses is Archangel Raphael. David of the old testament (book of psalms) is Dromigarah (Jesus Christ). Solomon is archangel
Michael. Ezechial is Archangel Jophiel. Peter is Yehovah Elohim. Galatians is written one of the 24 Elders named AL Ughdah.
Hosea is written by Archangel Haniel. The prophet Jonas was Gunther the angel. John of the new testament (apostle John) was
Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Uriel was Simon the prophet, Peter’s friend.

The list goes on. Go evoke an angel and ask them
which prophet is which angel. I promise to be God’s prophet you have to be an immortal. I’ve been doing a three
year long pathworking with Yehovah and he recently revealed this to me.

St. John the prophet from the book of revelations is the Elder Regulum (also known as Regulus).
Regulus is a jinn of the 24 elders of the Ninth Heaven.

The only reason prophets of the bible have done miracles is because they are IMMORTAL angels and Jinn. As well as Yehovah.

Seriously, man? But from my own learning Raphael existed before and after Moses. And same as others.

I have one secret of Solomon, where he called forth Michael, to get something powerful from him. Are you saying he invoked himself? Or the circle brought to him with Michael’s name about it…how do you explain that? I’m just confused…

Peter is Yehovah Elohim: if so, whom did he serve in his days?

I know of that of Elijah, and Enoch…but not that all the angels are prophets or the prophets are angels. Though after death they ascend very high, and could be seen as angel but that they are those common angels we know of…that I don’t know.

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they’re immortals they exist in past and present. Immortals have been incarnating since 16 billion years ago.

I’m not here to argue with ya man, just because it’s what you found out doesn’t mean it’s the fact.

Be cool.

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