Ever try to evoke Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha?

Just curious to see if anyone has evoked, or made substantial contact with any of these in a magickal context either alone, or with a group outside of established religious means.

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There’s a few threads about this already.


I believe V.K Jehannum managed to get a sigil for Jesus (Yeheshua) some time ago. There is a Youtube video about it

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Ok thanks, I’ll check it out.

Evoked Jesus…not by traditional means…I smoked k2, high started to really get too intense, and he pops up, grey skin and gowing green eyes…there was something maligned about him because i kept seeing red scratches pop up over my body (not to mention the blood moon that night) …something seemed distant about him as well, like there wasn’t anything recognizably human…

I did call him up at that time because I was experimenting at the time…didnt expect it to work…and was probably a hallucination…I wont try calling him up for anything ever again.