Ever since I started working with Lucifer I have been depressed

Has this ever happened to you? I started working with Lucifer, got responses back and was excited. After that my life has mainly gone to shit. I will propably be laid off work due to budget cuts in company, I have no other income (I hate the job so whatever on that), I am constantly getting into fights with my man, I don’t find the things that used to excite me interesting anymore and I feel I am overal trapped in a shitty lifepath now. Some might call this the “Tower Experience”. Has this happened to you with working with Lucifer and wtf is going on? I don’t get why this all is happening when I asked help with my career and lifepath and now it has all gone to utter shit… If someone can give me some insight on why this is happening or am I doing something wrong that’dbe great. Thanks.


I haven’t worked extensively with lucifer but I do know things get can get really bad before they become good. Sometimes destruction needs to take place to make room for rebirth to occur.


Are you kidding? That’s standard stuff if you asked him to help you out on your career. He’s destroying your current path and bringing a new, more succesful one. Enjoy the ride.


This exact thing you are describing is happening to me right now. I started working with Lucifer and Marbas a few months ago and I have had many challenges but it keeps getting harder and lately, I have lost interest in doing things, lost motivation and energy. I also have problems with work right now and I feel trapped in society with no other way to go but forward on this path. I also asked for career help and other help and life has never been harder.


Okay that is actually very reassuring. :smile:


The only way out is through. As others have said, disruption is often necessary to make way for a better, more fulfilling life. You said yourself that you hate your current job. This is the perfect opportunity for you to begin looking for a new way to support yourself.

With this sort of disruptive magick, it’s important to remember that the spirits are working to shift things in your favor. You may not always know what will happen next (in fact you often will not), but if you can trust the process while doing all the mundane work to change your life, the spirits will empower your efforts and bring you what you need.


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I am so glad I am notthe only one, it justfelt so counter intuitive that I got a bit scared. :sweat_smile:

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Hmm, how long has this been going on? If all this happened soon after, I would say buckle up! You are probably in for some good times! You just may have to deal with all the crap coming your way for a while!



It started about a week after I asked Lucifer’shelp and got a clearcut response from him. There has been heck ofa lot synchronicities and new things happening to me so it seems linked. Oh boy. I guess change is never easy, huh?

Same thing happened to me I was stuck in a job I hated from all my heart , asked Lucifer for help and from the next day it got worse and reached to a point where it got so stressful that I had no choice but to quit to save my health , at the same time I got in to an argument with my best friend and he cut off all communication with me , (which happened for the best) ! I love my current job , have never had such a peaceful job in my life ! When I was I. The middle of the chaos I knew exactly why it was happening and that it was Lucifer helping me , but still some days where extremely hard and down .


This is happening to me also. I have lost my job, car, fatigue, depression and feel stuck. I also wanted a new life. I guess Lucifer is granting me what I asked for, And I’m making it. I’m tired but something in me keep saying I’ll get greater than what I had before, just don’t give up. Just be strong. You got this!


Yes. The old false world and you will collapse and be destroyed. Lucifer did this to me and it was painful but needed.

He will remove all false friends, crappy jobs, partners that don’t serve your best interests and clear the way.

Hard and painful but you will come out of the other side better and a different person


In one year and half i’ve lost my father (dead), my wife (divorced), my mother is in a hospital due to a stroke and I’ve lost a lot of money due to divorce.
But my faith in Lucifer is always high.
And tonight I’ll homage Him.
You have to fall like Him before rising as a God…


I have not worked with Lucifier but went through something similiar with Belial. It felt like everything was falling before me (work accomplishments, my relationship, my state of basic security, my faith in myself, everything) and all the reasons to give up where pushed right up in my face while those for me not where so far away. The destruction and hardship is to show you what needs to be put to the end (not always in the way we think about it, for me it was HOW I was approaching these things. I let the wrong things plagued my mind and neglected more important ones) so not only a better way reveals itself but we have the grit to do the work in order to achieve it. Or that is the lesson Belial gave me, not sure if Lucifer teaches in the same manner.


This is normal. I’m going through a similar process with Belial. I handed the keys to my life over to him months ago and told him to turn my life around to my satisfaction, and he’s been bloody marvellous. My life was already down the pooper, but he revealed remaining enemies for me to deal with, and he’s helping me with my business and a part time job which is progressing well, my social life has improved quite a lot, and other things are improving. But it has been hard at times. Luckily I have the backbone and the balls to just keep trucking on and the discipline to stay positive. My enemies trained me well when it comes to dealing with crap, so I’m used to it. :blush:


Best answer!

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That was my thought too. I know how much I’ve held onto stuff, places, people in the past but now; those things mean much less and I analyze the toxins they are. Finding a path to full success isn’t going to happen to me overnight though I try.