Ever caused a huge illusion against "normal", non-magickal people?

Ok so I am watching tv right now and somone caused a big ass illusion of a massive wolf to get out of a bad situation (gangsters wanting to hurt her). I was thinking ‘why could that not be possible?’, I mean you have to be a reaaaally good magician to do that evokation asap but in general it could be possible right?

And every human has a little bit of sense for the supernatural so depends it only on the strenght of the magician if muggles can see the evokation too ? If it’s strong enough even non-clairvoyant people can at least sense something right?

So I was wondering did something like that happened to you too (maybe with demons, which showed their presence)? Do you think it’s possible?

It would be so cool if grown thugs run for dear life crying for their momas :smiling_imp:


Yes when i was a non mackial i was a victim of this. And let me tell you it was some very strong magic, ancient. And preserved for powerful people.

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Just look at priests and pastors in places like Africa that rule off of mass hysteria and use the thoughtform created from the mass attention and belief to perform miracles.

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I’ve made people have bad dreams… but that’s the extent of my knowledge, making something happen to a waking mind…my god i can only imagine.

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Years ago I went with friends on a night tour of the old Sydney Quarantine Station, which is full of ghosts. While waiting outside I told my friends - who photograph orbs - that I’d call one in. I walked across the road, away from the gathering crowd and did so. After the tour that was his only orb photograph. Nothing else.
Friends were impressed.



Few years ago… I went travelling with my friends to a beautiful country. Unfortunately we learned that crime rate was extremely high, especially - of course - at night.

One night was very beautiful…too beautiful to waste in the hotel. We decided that we should go out but everyone was scared because of all horror stories we hear everywhere. I made a little spell very quick… in silence. No one even noticed. Then I told them let’s go now.

The moment we stepped out of the gates… a huge dog appeared, extremely huge… and started to follow us, step by step, like our shadow… never seen any dog that big in my life. Now they were all terrified of the dog because he was too close to us, he looked like a monster and it’s very rare to see a street dog around in that country!! I suddenly remembered the spell, so I told them to forget about him, he’s our guard tonight ! And he was. He didn’t leave us one second and we walked for hours.

Until we came back to the gates and I had a moment with him, thanked him for guarding us that night and said goodbye. I had no clue that the spell was going to manifest that way… I wasn’t specific. I just wanted us to be safe from any harm while we were out.

It’s not exactly “projecting an illusion” the way you asked about… but that’s what happened with me.