Even if I can't see or hear a spirit, would commemorating that spirit on a weekly basis help me?

for example if I commemorate Tiriel weekly and meditate on it and candle , incense and things etc. If I do, will it help me in general without making a petition ?
How many days apart is it good to commemorate? 3 , 7 ?

No, the spirit will not necessarily help you without you having to petition it. What such a practice will do, though, is build your connection to the spirit.

If you want a spirit to intercede for you without having to directly ask, you first have to build a relationship. Just “commemorating” the spirit for a certain number of days isn’t going to accomplish that. You have to work with the spirit long term, and build up trust between you.


So, you might build a connection and strengthen it and you might experience or observe experiencing more things that Tiriel (to go with your example) embodies, promotes, etc. But if you want a specific thing, you’re gonna have to make the petition or do the ritual or whatever it is you choose in a more formal way that meditating on/about/with the spirit.


I think this commemorating could be done falsely. Which isn’t to say you’re false. But new practitioners do this thing where they get super motivated by the occult and fail to catch the essence. Occult work becomes much more natural overtime. I don’t know you, so maybe you’re not a new occultist. But typically you go by feeling. A new occultist can be like “OMG this is amazing and this is an amazing entity and I’m going to be super respectful and wear their favourite colour.” It’s like a craze, psychodrama almost, and it’s not genuine. When you’re properly into the occult it becomes natural and usually beings that want to work with you find you, and you feel a pull. Then you get to know them better and work with them and build a relationship over time. And your psychic senses develop too.


What ways do you think is best to build a relationship with spirit?

Evoke them for things. Maybe put stuff out on your altar for them. But don’t go overboard at the start. If they’re not interested in working with you then it’s all for the best, another entity will pull you to them eventually


Thank you, I’ll follow!
We can talk in private when you have time for a long conversation???

I would argue this is not the case. This is often a necessary stage ANY time someone finds something they love and jumps in head first. Virtually every magician I know personally has gone through it.

The first demon too respond to me was Gremori and I dam near…, well, you know…
I was so honored Belial answered I prolly sounded foolish too…

Be yourself OP! It’s part of the deal…


It’s not a bad start, but as DarkestKnight said, you will need to actually talk to/petition the spirit eventually, if you want anything to happen.

I actually did this with Bune (left out offerings for her, lit a candle and/or incense for her) for a few weeks, without asking for anything in return. When I finally petitioned her for something, it happened within 24 hours. :+1: So yes, it is not a bad way to establish a connection with a spirit. But you should actually petition them if you want a specific outcome.


Only if they respond through numbers, syncroncities, improved luck and granting small wishes

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