Eveloped In the Omni-Presence

I found it rather simple. Of course we all know that candles are a basic item necessary in magic, trance, etc… Colors affect our subconscious kicking the gears in motion.

Our higher self, of course, has reached a potential way beyond us. Yet like an invisible line of pure white string they seem to guide and govern us.

What was fun for me about my experience was how eager “I” was to answer.

I had been going through a- somewhat treacherous few weeks.

A friend I had anticipated to be fake, of course prove themselves.
Crushes and potential date-to-be’s turn out to be jack asses… It was my fault (I kinda let a talisman of mine go sour); definitely must get rid of those after a while.

So I was feeling bum, not like an OMG my heart is broken… But these dam flesh wired feelings were giving me the tug.
So upon my last visit to the always fun new age store I got a dozen white stick candles and an Incense pack that I would totally recommend.
They come in a box of seven sets, and each boxed-set holds about 7-8 incense sticks. Each pack is geared towards the seven energy points known as our chakras. In the course of attempting to diminish the “self-loathing” feeling I had used 4 of the five: the base the solar plexus the heart, and the Visuddha (Sound and communication).

I can, at times feel like even my presence, at times, can be overwhelming to others (no ego). It is a course that In life one has to train to not be affected so easily by; to lose social leverage, of even mildly exude vulnerability is just something one cannot do.

But behind the veil, you can still feel… affect.

So I said “I need to soul search within myself”… Journey within myself, and get to the bud of “what the fuck am I going through”.

My intelligence? My intelligence knows better. It’s just my dam heart!

So I used the Sahasrara- oriented incenseand I lite 3 white stick candles. I do have a medium size vanity mirror where I sat myself in front of.
I do own a crystal ball so, my receptive hand what well grasped- to receive.
I have an assortment of smaller stones and crystals align with properties and some for chakra points.

I do own a wand, which was used to sigil out before me the Pentagram.

You know those 16 inch pads that you can buy from Office Depot, well I drew on a sheet the pentagram as well, and I added different symbols and characters from a few languages that I find beautiful; (I did include the English meaning below lol).

So I sat myself down tuned into a little music oriented towards the feeling I needed, and got into the mirror.

And there “I” was, ready to get myself together. And I did.

Evocations of other deities are cute- but you can always trust in yourself. There was so much information that was given and things that I saw yet not enough patience to describe.

In the end though my assurance was re-assured, and then some.
And I will be going about my further invocations and incantations with this new approach in mind. I just wanted to recommend the incense and definitely the journey!!

What specifically was the name of the candles/incense you used? Also did you use any special meditation technique for this or was it just regular meditation?

Ah forgive me I forgot to mention the name, the Boxed candle incense were made by Hem.

the candles were just pure white stick candles maybe about 5 inches. Meditation, hmm I think the journey was the meditation.

Music though is in my opinion the best way to trance/meditate so my trusty Ipod is always at my side for any and every magical activity. I have tunes for any and every mood, I need suspence I have it, I need a sanctuary I have it.

The trance or meditation process for me is about aligning the mood or “spirit” for the occasion.

I really like the use of music for your work, its something I must try more.

I agree with the higher self being the way to go, beyond what you wrote above have you done much work on integrating your lower and higher?

Lol “Soundwave” I like the name!

Yes music truly is the diving point, I live in the city so quiet is something least heard, above that I dislike the quiet it opens the realm for distraction when deep within meditation.

I can “go in” so deep with my music I have even carried on mental conversations with deities while under this “tune” trace.

As far as working with my other point, I have:

The base chakra exuded instinct, an almost primordial one. It is the least I have worked with upon myself though it is very good point to focus upon when healing the body of others or yourself.

With the influence of music I gain the un-hinder feeling of want to dance and act… how do you say touchy, when I concentrated upon my Swadisthana chakra (the second or orange). It resonated well with drums and my sexual appetite (not my experience) seem a little random… lol.

Ah the solar plexus, my astrological sign seems deeply connected with this energy point…it’s not always cute as it can sometimes be rattled easily. This point deals with the ego, and personal will power. I concentrated deeply on this point when I went through a period of nightmare that played at my insecurities. After I was like raaaaawr my fist are on fire!! Lol.

Now the heart chakra I have meditated on but it truth I have the least trouble with, unless given out to one unworthy, which then it can also be rattled. But I have compassion especially towards the unfortunate, the feeble, and animals. But it still is a point to never leave out.

The throat or Visuddha chakra. Is a really good point to focus on when your position is constantly interacting with others. I also enjoy writing, fictional and then blogs. So definitely a chakra best meditated upon when trying to get that point across or that Idea out of your head.

Now who hasn’t worked on their third eye? In fact I’m sure most would say it was their first point of focus. My first stone was the amethyst. Therapeutic for the psychic, definitely needs clearance and meditation before performing any summoning, invocation, or even for simply scying. But I did get carried away at a point where I only focused on that point….which is bad because you can become hyper sensitive and then you are greeted by all type of…things.

And last but certainly not least is the Crown which got a poor, extremely poor review by me at the top. But as I stated the journey was very personal as all magic should be. But…the vastness…omg the vastness. If I could share one piece of which I was granted that just had me in awe: in the ever expansive state of existence that is and has been could you imagine the Languages, the art, the shapes, the sounds, and the music!! The towers that towered and fell, the cultures, the life forms… what I perceive was beyond comprehension and then some.