Evading Law Enforcement

Greetings Everybody,

Recently i came across a pretty secluded region in the outdoors where i can perform rites that are not feasible to be performed from home, however, cops do patrol the area. I’ve been caught once but since i wasn’t performing a rite at that point in time, the cops let me off believing i was simply ‘taking a walk’. As of now i intend to obtain the assistance of Glasya’Labolas to avoid getting caught again. Although cops do not patrol the area at night frequently, i’d be safe then sorry. What do you people think?

Unless absolutely necessary, do you have to do your magick work outdoors? The knowledge and worry that you might be caught will greatly affect the results of your work.
You say yourself that the area was patrolled by cops, and you know they won’t stop patrolling. If they find you another two or three times, they will no longer believe you are simply out on a stroll.
If indeed you want to use that area, let them find you several times sitting in the lotus position, and when they ask, simply say you like meditating there because of the calm. Eventually, they’ll get used to seeing you and will conclude you are a harmless New-Ager.
But still it will be different if they keep seing you there after sunset. So, simply find yourself a place indoors where there is no danger of you being disturbed. Society at large does not look kindly to us magicians.

I am able to perform the majority of my rituals at home, it’s just that i was thinking of performing baneful rites in that place so that i wouldn’t need to banish the energies that are present and it can accumulate, acting as a conduit for rituals. Yea, i’ll be going there after sunset and if they happen to come across me it’ll indeed look pretty suspicious.
Thanks for the Input Milla, I appreciate it.

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I am a little confused. In your country it is illegal to perform magick?

Pack up for a “camping trip” and travel further to a remote area. Park 20 min away and hike to your spot.

Works everytime. On public property in the middle of nowhere, nobody questions a tent or will normally bother you. Especially on a Wednesday night ar 2am.