Etli'osh - thank you!


This demon is becoming my best friend and teacher!

Thanks to Etli’osh I’ll be moving into a new space end of next week - this space is perfect for evocations. Just yesterday I spoke to him and said that I needed a new (and bigger) space - the request was granted just a few hours ago. Perfect timing and I’m moving in next Friday.

He made himself known to me as soon as the BOA arrived back in May/beginning of June.


That is awesome! How did he make himself known to you?


Ever since the book arrived a strong presence started moving things around, sparks flying through the air after I had gone to bed and switched the lights off, ‘waterfall’ of sparks flying up in the air from the book, blinds moving forwards and back (no draft coming from anywhere) and various other things! Etli’osh stood out from the rest of them, I knew right from the beginning that he was the one I had to work with. It was confirmed through a reading that it was one of the entities from the BOA that was making contact, and I knew straight away that it was Etli’osh. I started meditating on his sigil up to several times a day, and that started opening up this connection between him and myself.

I am deeply humbled by him. There are times where he makes himself known and I’ll get goose bumps all over and a strong feeling euphoria and love goes through my body. Today he came so close that I started crying out of happiness (very unlike me tbh.) because the feeling was so immensly deep and strong. It is like he has taken me under his wing.

I promised to evoke him once I move into the new space. This will be my first BOA evocation.


I remember the day when I had the reading and it was confirmed that it was an entity from the BOA that was making itself known to me - I asked the entity if it was Etli’osh (and then I switched the lights off and went to bed)…that night I had A LOT of activity in the bedroom…much more than usual. I actually had to sit up in my bed go: sush now!


Awesome, I was going to summon Lord Kilton next but maybe I’ll go with Eliosh. He sounds like just who I will be needing for something.


Do let me know how it goes. I haven’t evoked him yet, but will do so within the next week or so.
I find him being very direct…if I need help, then he helps…and he’s fast!