Ethics in Hexes or Curses

Ok, so this has been a lingering thought. Are there any ethics when it comes to hexes or curses? For example I have had people cast these types of black magick on me for the simple fact of not liking me. And it has been because of this that I have found myself blocked when trying to start my own business. I don’t like the fact that people can just go around casting hexes for the simple fact of not liking someone else. And I feel that demons have better things to do than get involved in petty human nonsense. However, I will say that I do think that said magick could be put to good use against the truly wicked such as pedophiles, domestic abusers, etc… So, what’s the rulebook when it comes to using this type of magick? Sincerely wanting to know.

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cursing someone means using magick to hurt them, in its basics, there are no rules.

its up to the individuals measure of morality and what he or she defines as justifiable as a curse.

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Ok, so how do I protect myself? Or reverse the curse?

Archangel Michael

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Thank you!

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The best to do it ts through the Goddess Arachne and Goddess Hecate

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The ethics of curses, much like any other form magic, is limited only by the magician. There are lines some will cross, and others will not.

As far as the best protection against them go, while making relationships with spirits can certainly help, developing different forms of protection, hex/curse removal (such as uncrossing rituals), and understanding how curses work can help greatly.


Oh my goodness ! Here we go again with Hecate. She has really been reaching out to me! I got to dial her line and start the conversation! :laughing:

I wonder what the spirits of these practitioners think when working hexes. I have heard that in some cases these hexes have backfired on the magician. So, it makes me wonder…

It depends on the spirit. Some care, some do not just like with people. Yes, curses can backfire, although I have noticed it is usually either caused by one of three conditions: the target’s defenses are too strong, the individual becomes obsessed with results or feels guilty (most common) or spirits get involved.

Ok, I have a question say said Practitioner has called upon a demon to work a hex and this demon favors the person they are hexing. Does the demon still assist? And can this demon since they know that this practitioner is wanting to harm said individual become its guardian?

Well, if someone told you to hit your friend, what would you do? Kind of the same deal. The spirit could end up ignoring the attacking magician or even warn the one they favor. That’s part of the reason it can be risky involving spirits in curses as they have free will too and you do not always know where they stand in terms of the target.

Things get real interesting when two magicians call upon the same spirit to attack eachother. Usually the spirit will take a step back and it becomes a battle of will between the two magicians.

I believe EA actually covered this topic on his youtube channel if you wish to take a look at it.

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Thank you! This makes sense. I have often felt that spirits are not just sitting around waiting to do our bidding. Personally, I am not the hexing type though I have desired vengeance for things that have been done to me in the past. But, at this point in my life it just takes a lot of energy to put that much hate into one individual. I would rather pray for healing because IMO hate in a sense is a poison that drains you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And even if the hex is successful. Was it worth it? And at what price? Magick always comes with a price.

Yes I want to look into it. I asked him about this on his live chat. I knew he wanted to get into it but implied that it was such a heavy topic he couldn’t really get into it much since he had things to do. :laughing: But, he did recommend Works of Darkness as a starter for newbies of the LHP.

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Edith_gusman trata de ver sofia tkach in youtube, muy buena, honesta and free rituals,

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