Ethical cursing exists, and here's how

Just posting this as a seed for exploration: it is possible to curse someone, ideally an average joe and not someone deeply immersed in self-realisation, the occult, especially not an LHP type - by wishing upon them TOTAL enlightenment.

By which I mean, total perception of the harm they’ve done, the compromises they’ve made, the times (oh so many! lol) they’ve failed to live up the the standrards they blindly adhered to externally, and (most of all) by which they’ve judged others by.

I’ve done this - it works - it can wreck a mundane punter’s life by making them truly grok the extent of their deviation from their aspirations, their moral and certain axis mundi.

It’s kind of like this total perspective vortex concept - only, not funny sci-fi, actually just a hacking at the roots of where most people build their self-image and self-deceit.

I did it because I’ve also experienced this short sharp “calling to order” myself, which is why I did a huge working to clear all former regret and guilts - it is NOT fun to have to absolutely and undeniably realise how utterly crap, weak, lame, deluded (insert any other insult) you are.

If you’re really wanting to curse someone and yet still struggling on the perceived axis of the “love, light” thingy versus your will over all, look into this with your trusted divination methods etc., because it’s quick, clean - and ruthless.


I was listening to the podcast Orismen linked in the Hulk smash thread and heard Vitimus talking about this exact curse…small world.

You can always be “compassion” and work so that your target be taught humility and that they have total understanding of the pain they’ve caused. Sometimes compassion looks like a thorough ass kicking.

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been quite awhile since Ive heard that word!

I couldnt understand why this was a torture device…its something Ive been seeking for years!

Interesting… Personally though, I like dealing out Dante-esque punishments, or just being cruel to my enemies.

Making them hate themselves is a good way to be cruel. But what if they actually change?

Well, let’s just say I think I’m onto something- quite literally giving them astral lupis.

That’s natural, I think its dependent on the situation. This an exellent curse for an egomaniac self righteous prick to go through where I’d rather take someone who deeply wronged me or those Inlove and make him physically and emotionally suffer.

I was just wondering. I’ve always wanted to cast such a curse on one of my former employers. He was a real wicked dude. He got his kicks by harassing his former employees by pretending to be them at their new job and calling up OSHA or the department of health and complaining about erroneous safety or health violations. His goal of course was to get his former employee labelled as a trouble maker and stir up trouble for him.

The odd thing about my former employer is that he also has a multiple-personality disorder. I’m not joking. Everyone that has worked with this guy made this conclusion. If my former employer has multiple personalities, would such a curse of enlightenment impose enlightenment or create further confusion?

Would that matter to you?

If you’d just like to heal him so he stops doing this, you could attempt to do some healing work to bring his fragmented personality back together, maybe, but I don’t know enough about clinical MPD to really have an answer… in fact all I know is that two people I’ve met who were clinically diagnosed with MPD were also, “coincidentally” able to be massive dicks and then “switch personalities” to avoid consequences, and in fact to move into a victim role where they were beyond criticism, and that makes me personally wonder about it.

I don’t think the symptoms aren’t “real” but I think they find their fullest expression in a certain type of core personality, at least in some people.

To me he sounds like a candidate for regular cursing, at least insofar as limiting his ability to screw other people’s lives up.

That’s true. My main goal would be to stop this guy from harassing me and my other former co-workers.

That’s true. My main goal would be to stop this guy from harassing me and my other former co-workers.[/quote]

You have other options besides straight up cursing. You could put the guy in a freezer spell, hot-foot his ass up the road, or sweeten him to you. If the guy truly has mental problems I’d opt for the freezer or hot-foot methods as working on the personality of someone who is unstable can backfire.

Oh brother does this guy have mental issues. I won’t go into detail, suffice to say that every spiritual reader I’ve talked to warned me that this guy was a stalker, a type of cancer in my life. Whatever he touched, he ruined. Thanks for the freezer spell suggestion TWF. I’ll give it a shot. If my spell doesn’t work, I’ll contact a dark magician for help.

What if the person decides to change himself and become a better person.

Wouldn’t you be helping that person.

Yes, that’s why it’s a more ethical format - pain if they refuse to change, you get one lass asshat if they don’t. :slight_smile:

Not right for every case, obviously.

I think I have a better idea…