Etheric implants and tentacled parasites

Yikes. That’s disgusting

Yeah Sepheranz test arent over that easy.
I can keep removing them but she wont stop is what she told me. In the end it has to be you to get rid of them.

I’ll PM you

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It’s interesting for sure

They do.

PM me, I may know a guy.

Not sure it’s the same thing though.

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Yo can I Pm you? Been going through the same

Nope, sorry, I just want to get one PM on this and check it over, see if a friend of mine can help any with it, if he can then I’ll reply on here but I don’t want this to be where I mention a thing and then have a ton of requests, soz. :hamster:

If he can help I’ll let you know. :+1:


Okay cool

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Okay I understand.totally

Had to get some help , there are people online that will do Etheric removals for some money , how did yours latch on ? I feel your, some days I couldn’t even get up ,


Let’s just say mine wasn’t totally unintentional :joy::joy:

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Jesus bro , what did you do , say archon come to me , they are fuckn squid snake parasites , :joy::joy:, cancerous being and race in the universe

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I remember when mine latched on , I was smoking weed , and I felt this slug on my back , was so weird

The draconians also use them to feed once it gets real bad

Well its not only the Archon who have that kind of “tech”. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Its a test that I have to face.and get rid of on my own.
Its been a crazy experience man


Yes yes. Yuck

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Same here It’s a trial to become stronger , it’s all good you’ll make it :+1:

I heard there are benevolent ones. How much did they charge you to get it off

144, it takes multiple sessions though , it won’t go away over night , it’s more like you diminish it over time

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