Etheric body not real?

Sounds like a really cringy way to tell people something isn’t real when in reality the plane you go to your energy body will adjust to that plane’s density so in short, the etheric body cannot “not” exist.

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So that means if you develop your astral body, you are also developing chakras? Because chakras are supposedly in the etheric body. You are saying they are the same thing right? So developing your astral body means all bodies are developing because the bodies are all the same.

if you develop your energy/energy body, then yes you’re developing your “astral/etheric/whatever else body” because they’re all the same body just vibrating on different densities when it goes to the specific density, the aura layers are the reflection of ourselves, our emotional state, mental state, physical state, how varying degrees we’re open or closed to people around us.

So yes, you’re correct. However, you still have to develop your senses and such to the given plane you go to.

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I have only heard that theory once before. Very rare theory that they are not separate

I didn’t really read it anywhere myself, I just went out and learned projection, started with projecting onto the physical energetic layer, then crossing into the etheric, noticed my energy body stayed the same, but that it adjusted to the density, then I did the same with the physical projection, then transitioned to the astral and the same case happened.

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