Ether feeling tutorial

Hi , this is something I use as a form of divination , my rational mind and my own emotional guidance system , when you are looking for the answer to a question , you feel picture the possibility in your minds eye and whatever resonates more within you is the path you should go or reality to match up with

Example , you have two romantic interests , you like things about both and are undecided , you picture a future with each one separately for about a couple minutes , and if you when you picture one scenario and you feeling confident on your heart center this is what is better for me , you follow that reality , with this you are basically pulling from future possibilities in the all Whichever resonates with you is going to be more beneficial and intune with your higher self / souls desires

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This is also, and mainly called, intuition.

Humans to my knowledge have two types of problem solving. Logical, the knife that dissects, and intuitive, the inner knowing.

Wield both equally and never leave either behind

Yea basically , but I thought I’d solidify the idea and the fact it’s a very useful tool


keep in mind, everyone reading, intuition is the sort of thing where you think with your body, and you pay attention to the reflex from your heart.

Remember, feel the whole body, trust the heart

Right don’t think , just feel