Eternal Thirst

β€œ My thirst is eternal, it can never be quenched. My hunger knows no bounds, for i am forever starved.

I know all to well, knowledge is the fulcrum of power, this realisation led my mind on a discovery of unknowable understanding.

Once I gained the answers I sought, nothing remained a mystery unto me. There was nothing unfamiliar to me, lust, love, hate, drugs, forbidden fruits which were ripe for my taking.

No matter how much power, knowledge or even forbidden pleasures i possessed. I still was hungry and thirsty, blood as well as the sexual fluids of the mortal body, thrilled me but still my soul remained vacant.

In the darkness I made my home, a crypt constructed of shadows. I sat and watched the world go by, like watching the sands of time fall. All was without purpose, everything became a bore, in my quest my very internal being was deserted.

Emotions faded away for I knew, they were mere illusions and I cannot feel them even if I desired too. All was meaningless, I sought power I obtained it, I sought knowledge of what men could never know.

I indulged in erotic and euphoric pleasures, pleasure and pain, sex and intoxication were masks I placed upon my mortal shell to feel less inhuman.

I became this indescribable creature, it has no name, it’s left up to interpretation. Damned I am you could say, to wander life and simply watch from afar. As if I were a predator stalking my prey, for if I live does not matter, if I die it still does not matter.

Nothing truly matters, everything in life is merely ones own perception, we give everything names, descriptions so we then limit what surrounds us.

I wish I stayed as I did, being able to know everything and being able to obtain all the fruits of life isn’t enough. If a almighty God came to me and gave me his power, I would still shrug it off as if a child is bored playing with a tattered toy.

I have saw the rise and fall of kingdoms, the birth and deaths of great men, I have saw cosmic cycles by my very own eyes. Yet I am still not full, no pleasure, no material, nothing can soothe my aching.

Nothing is unfamiliar to me, except for why I feel nothing, I am a vessel absorbing and consuming all. Yet I thirst and hunger, still I desire more. For a blade to my flesh no longer unleashes the sensation of being alive, only numb.

Destroy or create, love or hate, be holy or sinful, birth or kill, it does not matter.
The cold and the darkness will always find me even in the centre of the most scorching sun I will be frozen and dark.

All is nothing and nothing is all β€œ.