Eternal suffering and omnipotence



Magic to me is the art of practicing rituals, spells to manifest things. Not everything supernatural!

I’ve felt their negative presence in my life,
Though I blame myself for allowing it and take responsibility.

You are correct here.


I have proved my point though.
Even when given a platform, gods betray.

And if my “limiting factor” stops them from contacting me, even when I wish to confront them for their nonsense, even if I provoke them. Then these egregores can’t claim to be gods when their very existence depends on my (our) perception of them.


You haven’t proven anything, nor given a platform.

Nor have they betrayed you.

They haven’t even noticed you.

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Read the thread,
I am not going to keep repeating posts.

I’ve read more than enough.

Tell me, how large do you think the physical cosmos is?

Fucking huge. Infinite to us it seems.

How large do you think the astral is?

Infinite basically.

Now add to that past/present/future, which is basically the same on the astral.

Do you think an entity who has millions and millions of entities talking to it every moment will care about some guy on some forum, without any experience or ability to talk to these entities, that says how these entities are weak, that they don’t care, that they are cowards, etc?

If I was in such a position, I wouldn’t give two shits.

Anyway, I got more important shit to do. You believe in what you want - you’re the one who has the power to choose what to believe in.

Hope you do well. :slight_smile:


And then there are parallel universes, infinite universes.
You assume they have access to the whole multiverse and go and do whatever they what.
Egregores who need offerings to survive?

Did you read my post about vishnu’s jhulela avtar?
That is the proof of the betrayal, cowardice of the gods. A whole kingdom did a ritual for divine intervention. GAVE HIM A PLATFORM

Read this thread by a real magician,
Who had pacts with gods and did evocation,

Lucifer does come across as a coward.

And about egregores not noticing me,

I won’t tell you anything about that,
They run away!!!
But you won’t believe my experience,
Because you have made up your mind.

I hope you do well too :slight_smile:


This doesn’t come from personal experience and is therefore of questionable validity.


I am a sindhi myself.
And I told you it’s still the same here in india for hindus
You don’t think there are hindu groups?!?!
I study mythology but don’t pick and choose to believe what myths show “my god” in good light.

And I told you,
Don’t believe me, or google.
Evoke and ask the beings you trust.


I hear you, but I wonder, why evoke Vishnu to stop the Muslims?

Durga would have been a better choice, even Kali, or Rudra, YES if they were Vaishnavites they are going to call on Him but the Gita shows He inspires man to do what is necessary, namely, killing to death anyone who corsses certain lines (of which raping your kids and old women is one, though Europe is still struggling to grasp that) - so maybe it was a case of right method, wrong spirit?

Still I can emphasise with them. :thinking:


This is a really interesting post and it’s gotten kind of buried because I think a lot of us who shun JCI relgigion tune out topic titles like yours (no offence) because those are concepts often used in those faiths.


Vishnu was the main and top GOD, as he himself claimed in gita! Promised to come down to fight evil whenever needed.
He comes down, knowing very well the situation we were in. And betrays. He did not inspire people to fight evil this time, but to live with it.
He too had his agenda.

In west begal(india), where durga is worshiped alot, muslims don’t allow hindus to worship, celebrate her festivals.

I don’t even want to talk about shiv/kali.

All gods seem are useless here.

Only the god of jews seems to be truly interested in helping the jews. XD


Suggest me a better title for this thread

I don’t have time to type a thoughtful reply, or anything useful to say right now except that I hear you, your country has suffered from that death cult centuries longer than we have, we’re being betrayed by our politicians, police, and media…


IMO there are so many themes covered here it’s hard to read, maybe take one theme per thread, make a couple more when time permits, call them things like “Mass Evocation Fail! Are All Gods Bastards?” - I mean, it’s click-baity, but click-bait, baits those clicks! :thumbsup:



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Not sure how to help, as I’m not all about India or Islam. No offense meant, I just personally don’t give a crap about either.
If you want bliss, seek bliss.
If you want punishment, then seek punishment. If I could make a suggestion however, perhaps seek out the BDSM scene first and find what punishment you really seek.

I could swear I recently made a post about cursing the crap out of Islam, as well as corrupt officials. Sadly it did not generate as much interest as this thread. The egregore must go down first before the religion. Perhaps have the curse cause them to pray backwards or face the wrong direction for starters.


I think we share at least some of the same views, so please don;t take this as hostile, but how does this statement

follow on logically from this one?

The whole anti-troll god thing from 2016 that we’re starting to see real manifestations of took a LOT of passion, people literally willing to risk death, you can’t take down billions of people’s hopes and thoughtforms by not really caring.

Regional defence is next, in the scheme of things, and a big resurrection to cause murdered witches etc to be reborn, that’s March 1st… there is a plan.


I may get a lot of backlash for this, but I don’t care; I will not be silent.

There’s a lot of bizarre romanticism and notions on this forum that made me stay away from it for a while, admittedly. One of these notions is that many many spirits, demons, or what have you are only looking out for humans. Worst of all is the hubris, thinking that super dark entities are good to work with and are interested in human’s evolution.

Like, someone advised me to work with Nihilifer who is literally DEPRESSION ITSELF! One that drives you to suicide. The person romanticized this entity like “helps people to shed the ego” or “despair helps one unite with the void” or some other nonsense.

Just. Stop.

Some entities are downright harmful to humans. They don’t give a fuck about you. Stop thinking you’re special. You’re really not. It’s like coming close to a tiger and thinking you can tame it because you once had a cat. Just stop it.

Yes, there are entities that will help you, yes there are entities that will protect you. But here’s the thing:

Entities have a lot of variability. They’re not a homogeneous group. Some are good to humans, some are neutral, some are malignant.

And, by the way, in most cases those benign entities won’t save a random victim of assault or rape on the street. They’ll protect those that are close to them. So drop the delusion that entities love entire humanity itself. They don’t - maybe a small number does - but most, no.

Just stop this shit.


This seems to be a sign of something big, like, end times big.
I’ve always had this feeling that this apocalypse (there have been many yugas) will be different, that this time around, humanity will get freedom from the god of abraham and become a civilization of gods. And that the plan of the abrahamic god (as predicted in the bible) will fail in the end.