Eternal Plans

What is going to happen us after we die??
where we gonna Go???/

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Like I just told ya in the last one, use the search button… There are lots of theories on here


If i chose to become a demon after dying could i achieve that???

i don’t know why but sometimes i started hating Humans??/

Yes, look up varnaxis in the search bar.

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Seriously dude, If you’re not gonna put in any effort to do a simple search why should anyone put in the effort to answer your questions. No offence


^^^ I concur.

Last answer I’m giving man… You gotta put effort in. Like magick.


ok ok
But don’t be angry
I’m just a child
Full of questions in mind

Not an excuse. I’m 18, Aiden is 17 (as far as I know) and there are a couple others of young age.

Your corpse’s decomposition rate doesn’t mean much.

We all are, but there’s a search button for a reason…



i just wanted to know some personal xperiences thats it

I have zero patience, but willing to extend some here.
They are correct however, extend some effort.

I will give you five questions, and I will answer to the best of my knowledge and experience.
Think carefully.


Ok see u later guys
Now i’m going to summon Lord mephistopheles
thanks for your support…

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Pretty much everything written in this forum IS personal experience of many people from many walks of life, quite a few with lots of experience, along with some references to books and such


If it’s possible to turn human soul into a demon (/angel/god), better start working on that during life; for example the Gatekeeper Rite (with evocation of Abaddon, Amaymon, Azazel and Belial) would help in becoming a demonic king.
About where is desired to go, if I’ll have the chance I plan to adopt tips theoretically leading towards Eternity but there are a few esoteric opinions not exactly favouring afterlife. Religion may save the soul from second death, leading to heaven or higher rebirth, but not to the aforesaid eternity. Initiation aims to free the soul (nirvana).

From what I’ve learned there are all kinda of entities in human bodies and having this human experience we call life. All kinds of beings are in bodies. There are also beings who were born human who are indeed being changed into demons and gods as we speak. So yes. It is possible but it requires work, study, and even sacrifice and pain. You may want that but are you willing to put the effort and work in to achieve that goal?

All hail Google! Searching and more research and reading and acting on what you have read is necessary. From the comments I have read, this might be an issue. I can only encourage you to listen to the things others are saying to you and make the changes needed in you and get the self discipline needed to accomplish your goals. This is a great place filled with wonderful and awesome people. You have a great opportunity to learn and grow. I know you can do what you need to do and learn and grow. We all started out knowing nothing. You can do this!