Et Tu, Disinfo?

Lady Eva basically went through, quoted, and said everything I was simply to lazy to say… Good one.

[quote=“Orismen, post:16, topic:3444”]Right, I think that at some level it becomes psychological. The power is in the magician, they just need to find a channel for it be it whatever system works for them. (Or one they make up)[/quote]Couldn’t agree more. The Mind is where the power is because without thought , where is action?
I believe the training of focusing the mind takes years in its self. Once this is under control then the witness begins to appear, the great mind behind the mind , the observer of your thinking , the seer in the lucid dream.
Once these faculties awaken we can really start to play .
How many people ‘in general’ can focus their mind on a picture in their mind for say 10 minutes without anything interfering ?

It’s all about self-development & improvement, I agree 100%.

The problem is, most people are too damn lazy to do the work. You have to WANT IT.

That’s the problem I have with ‘conspiracy theorists’. They want to sit around, and bitch about the ‘elite’ all day, instead of wondering what kind of work they put in to get ‘elite’. (Excluding of course, the rich cocks who’s daddy judge friends gave him a free asspadding through the degrees of FreeMasonry)

I have developed a few DNA activation theories I’m working on, since experiencing some amazing visions using E.A.'s (and others) methodology, one may literally acquire new sight, that in my opinion could only come about through an actual re-wiring of one’s intrinsic DNA.

…maybe I’ll write something up one day, however I am totally convinced that by doing the exercises on a continual basis (not B.S. half-ass dabbling) that you literally activate dormant DNA(98% of DNA is supposedly ‘junk’…get it?) that allows you to see the higher levels of vibration in the Universe. I always laughed at the hypothesis that our DNA was ‘junk’, it never sat right with me.

The secret, IMO, is that the ‘elite’ don’t want you to know that you have the inherent, internal power to become a ‘Neoman’, a birthright so powerful that it opens doors to the ever higher levels of existence.

This is what we who follow such things refer to as ‘ascent’.

For instance, calling ‘spirits’ … Well, if the Universe expanded from a Big Bang, it would have happened at such a high vibration that matter couldn’t possibly be formed, due it’s ephemeral fluctuations in speed. It wouldn’t be until the Universe expanded to such a larger, wider degree that the realm of Matter formed, realms where the vibratory rate slowed enough to physically manifest.

My theory, and one that Quantum physics is just catching onto, is the fact that we live in a multiverse. All things Vibrate, some at lower levels, some at higher. Think of a spinning jet turbine: While slowly spinning, you can perceive the spinning motion with your eyes, however while on full blast, the engine actually appears to be perfectly still, because it’s reached such a high level of Vibration & Polarity that the human eye cannot see it. The same principal applies to the Universe, some things are vibrating so fast you simply can’t perceive them with ‘monkey vision’.

Therefore, a spirit is consciousness that is vibrating at such a high-level that the human eye cannot actively see it, it is living conscious matter, spacial enough to be able to travel to and fro the Universe, unrestrained by the Lower Vibrations of the earth, this is my working theory.

So, by activating your DNA in doing these exercises, you literally begin to ‘vibrate’ at higher levels, thus allowing your human senses to manipulate & even see the higher vibrating dimensions.

So, in performing what we call ‘magick’, (what is magic really, but a misunderstood law of nature?), we simply access higher vibratory rates and the spirits that dwell in them, manipulating them before they fully manifest on our lower vibrating reality. All in all, you are simply accessing things Vibrating at a higher speed, which is unformed matter, and causing change before it reaches the Sequential realm of formed matter.

I have much more I could write, but I’ll save it for another thread.

What E.A. is trying to teach you in all of these programs, is that there is an underlying principal you can access to manipulate change, to activate your ‘Neo’ DNA and cause change in the Universe at higher vibratory levels to manifest in the lower. These are simple little tricks & techniques to access your dormant DNA, which one may then rewire to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ that which your 2% of active monkey DNA cannot, thus allowing you to manipulate reality.

Is his method the ‘only’ one I use? Of course not, but I’m not stupid, and when I see something working, as it clearly is for those that apply it, I stick with it.

As for ripping up the ‘love & light’ types a new one…too easy, besides Eva has that covered.

That’s my hypothesis, hope you enjoyed it.