Et Tu, Disinfo?

Tough couple of months in the PR department, huh?

I’ve actually talked to this guy a few times. He’s mostly all right. The hostility is unlike him.

Speaking of hostility - it’s been a really unfortunate change in tone at disinfo ever since the original creators left. This is probably the first time they’ve even mentioned the occult in weeks (as in ACTUAL Magick, not “shamanism” or something). That used to be one of their flagship subjects - they hosted a whole fucking convention around it back in the day.

Also, the company that once published some pretty definitive books on why a number of “conspiracy theories” were actually plausible is now completely dismissive of the same viewpoints. Same two, three people handle all the posts, so no more “plurality of overtly contradictory voices.” And they’re just some guys you’ve never heard of. Kind of sad. The old disinfo would’ve invited Eric to write an essay for them, especially if it sounded flagrantly manipulative and insane. In fact, their original idea was to be a younger, left-leaning Coast to Coast… Even Art Bell never had qualms about interviewing people who were obviously charlatans. Ah, well…

I have noticed a recent trend in “Koetting hate” lately. I first noticed it around September of 2013, it seems to have grown rapidly.

As for the Disinfo article, well the dude is entitled to his opinion, but he is providing no substantial claims other than “This guy looks like a douche!Lol” I would rather hear from someone who has tried both EA’s methods and other methods, then gave an honest comparison.

With success come the haters, you don’t have to be Jay Z for that alas :slight_smile: I guess BALG’s aggressive marketing doesn’t help, but at the end of the day these things are a testament to how good you are doing. When the people that can’t stomach you feel the need to devote time and space to you it is likely a good day for you and a bad one for them.

If you have to knock someone for you to feel better, then there is something wrong with you. I agree the man is entitled to his own opinion of course, but like Orismen said, he really doesn’t provide any evidence other than he doesn’t like the appearance of EA or his marketing. Yes, EA’s marketing comes off a bit “one weird trick”, but anyone would be doing themselves a great disservice by going by appearances alone. EA has solid material, and his BALG movement is sound.

The comments are pretty annoyed about the tone, too.

They also posted a weird Evangelical hit piece on shamanism, same-day.

The unfortunate result for those who seek shamanistic states of consciousness is only that they will encounter their own demonically manipulated consciousness—and despite the claims of promoters, this is anything but “healthy” or spiritually “evolved.” Because shamanism requires spirit possession and because one cannot become a true shaman-healer without it, demon possession is also required. How many shamanistically fascinated Americans realize that?

Why are they posting this shit at all when they’ve overtly severed all their ties to the occult community? They haven’t even posted a moldy old RAW lecture in ages.

The real question is why do you still care? If you’re capable of tying shamanism to demonic possession you are a very special person indeed, and should be given a very special place (a Spartan well comes to mind).

I mean, I think it’s easy enough to look at BALG and be able to not take it seriously. I know even as a huge supporter sometimes I look at the marketing and cringe (the Rape of the Archangels newsletter, for example). If you don’t take the time to actually put what is being taught to practice, it’s easy to just dismiss it because it’s very “flashy”, for lack of a better word.

However, I think most of the backlash just comes from plain old jealousy. I mean, New Avatar Power is the 70’s equivalent of BALG advertising (let’s be real now), but nobody bashes that because it has an excellent reputation and gets results as well. And the thing about E.A.? His stuff gets results. I’ve only been practicing magick for two years, and already I’ve performed evocations and gotten what I needed. It’s not 100%, but I think that’s pretty damn good for a beginner, to see movement utilizing something that’s supposed to be one of the hardest magickal arts.

So yeah, other people are just getting eaten up with jealousy because BALG took off so fast (gee, I wonder why? Could it be because the head of the movement is an accomplished magician? What a novel idea!) E.A. isn’t doing anything other well known occult authors don’t do themselves. Ask anyone to do an evocation for you, and it’s going to be hundreds of dollars at the very least. E.A. can get away for asking for more because he’s well known and he knows his shit, just like anyone excellent at their craft.

In the end, all that matters is that you get the results you want for what you’ve been taught/paid for, and I can say that I’ve learned a lot since joining here. If other people don’t like it, well, I guess they can just take their ball, go home, and cry about how unfair it is, without actually doing anything about it.

Just a faggy-pop occultist, the fuck with what he says…

The knowledge provided is still solid, if they cant get past the method of presentation, well thats nobody’s fault but theirs.

Ill admit that a few times Ive been a little put-off by the way some videos were presented, but I dont fault him for it, its apparent that he’s learning how to market himself in a digital age, and thats a hell of a lot more than what this other guy is doing.

Even when I thought something was a little cliche or in bad taste, did that stop me from watching through everything? No, because you leave no stone unturned, (no turn un-stoned?), if you actually want to learn something, judgement on delivery methods only hinders the process

Why does EA get the hate, but other published magicians, like Jason Miller, Andrieh Vitimus, Donald Tyson, or Christopher Penzciak do not (even though Tyson’s stuff tends to be rehashed Golden Dawn and Pencizak’s Witchcraft is full of moralizing)? True, EA’s marketing is over the top sometimes, but so is Joe Vitale’s and that of everyone who flogs the Law of Attraction, yet they don’t get nearly as much hate. The online world is full of exaggerated or hyped up claims, yet people really have a hate on for EA for some reason. I think jealousy is probably a very big part of it, because EA is relatively new on the scene, but has attained more success than others who have been in the game longer. Its just like some people passionately despise certain celebrities, for no other reason than the fact that they are celebrities. The fact that Andreih, and Jason Miller, and Lon Milo Duquette, who is probably the most respected man in occultism and contributed to the Anthology of Sorcery, willingly sat down with EA and talked magick is saying something loud and clear.

I also think it’s largely because of the claims Koetting and the members of BALG has. That through magic alone you can get money, you can cure serious illnesses and kill people you hate, consistantly, just through magic alone. Such power is nearly always outside the limits of reality to most respected accomplished occult authors. You can see it everywhere on facebook and on the forums. Magicians and celebrated magic authors rarely “really” believe that magic can work proper miracles consistantly. They’ve gotten so used to the idea that “magic works only some of the time”. Enough for you to know that it’s real, and rare enough for you to not be able to trust it. You see this belief all the time. And here comes Koetting with his flashy website (with services that look expensive, aren’t expensive at all when compared to sites that aren’t being bashed) and his BALG forum members who all apparently claim that they can get real world results consistantly, all the time. To an accomplished author who have been in the magic business for 10 or more years, and who have obviously already mastered and seen all there is to this art, and he/she haven’t been able to produce consistant results, it’s obvious that anyone who claims otherwise is a charlatan.

I bet many of us have seen the facebook magical community in action when someone is sick and have their things stolen, or some other problem. It’s always “I’ll send my prayers in your direction”, “hugz and kissez”, “share and like so we can get more attention on this”. They deal with problems exactly the same way as normal, nonmagic people do. Other occultists who are in fact treating magic as on par with psychology, “do a ritual to get healthy, but ALWAYS listen to your doctor first!”, “stay away from magic if a bunch of doctors have told you that you are mentally ill”.

And no one who is a respectable occult author and magician believes that physical immortality is possible…Medical science can of course achieve this - but magic? Of course not. Again here comes Koetting and BALG and is being ridiculed for thinking differently. Someone who has written a scholarly important work can of course never be wrong when it comes to what is possible and what is not. Or so occult authors generally think.

They can see that Koetting is successful, but they also know that it of course can’t possibly be because of his magic. It must be because of lucky marketing alone. Because author x is an accomplished traditionalist grimoire magician and he is living on a budget, so obviously any real magic can’t give you money.

People are ridiculous.

I think the real problem with Koetting is that he isn’t teaching anything new most of the time and he markets his beginner books as advance stuff.
99% of you are beginners. So maybe you haven’t realized that. But take s look at Baneful.Magic. Strip away all the eloquent language and you get; candle, sigil, poppet magic. And that bullshit “voodoo” ritual.

I think Koetting is helpful to beginners, can show a thing or two to intermediates, but advanced magicians will be hard pressed to find anything useful.


@ Blacklamb, that room made me want to get some natron and start making circles :slight_smile:

@Gnosis, GOD DAMN man, just when I thought my man crush on you couldn’t get any bigger (or harder?)

Yup EA’s stuff works. I got a job, got a raise at said job, and put two people in the hospital (one in a coma) all using EA’s methods. Other stuff works too.

I had an epiphany the other day while in mediation. Everyone wants to find the “Most Powerful” occult system when in reality they should be looking for the system that gels the best with them.

Voodoo is incredibly powerful, GT is incredibly powerful, psionics and radionics are incredibly powerful. One just needs to find what works for them.

Oris, the power is in the magician anyway. No matter what you do, voodoo or candle magic, if the operator has the power, it will work. That’s where I think a lot of people go wrong. They either have no magical disposition (meaning that they are born already with the power vibrant inside) or they haven’t developed the power.

Right, I think that at some level it becomes psychological. The power is in the magician, they just need to find a channel for it be it whatever system works for them. (Or one they make up)

The arguments on that site wouldn’t stand up to even second-grade “debate club” analysis:

Even though the Occult doesn’t actually involve that (it’s about mastering your daemons and making contact with your Holy Guardian Angel)

Oh really? Is that ALL the occult ever is, was, or ever can be about?

Whoah! Thank you for that dicat, we can now see the error of our ways. (ffs!)

Enjoy while Koetting tells you how he summoned Lucifuge (I thought that was just a Danzig album) and made a pact with it to give him unlimited power. Most Occultists would tell you not to summon Lucifuge because it’s too dangerous, but no one tells Koetting what to do man.

The same occultists you share goals with? Did you poll them? Can we see your methodologies on those polls?

Can we see ANY evidence of this claim?

Why on earth is a rich white kid so jaded that he thinks worshipping Satan is cool?

If he was a poor black kid would materialism be okay, because poor ickle pickle, he hasn’t yet had a decent meal, so we’ll teach him ethics when (if) he catches “us” up?!

White privilege reeks when it defines anyone non-white as somehow more “primally” in touch with survival needs, and therefore more “real” than the white observer, and when it says “if you’re not white, you don’t need ethics yet - we’ll teach you those later” it stinks.

Watch for it - it’s not always the obvious bigotry you’d expect, it’s hidden behind worldviews like this one.

The one thing I’ve taken out of my evening laughing at Koetting is that “becoming a living God” somehow doesn’t grant you the ability to make it through an entire internet video without cutting it and restarting a hundred times.

What the holy laughing cow is this supposed to mean?!

I want to see the FULL edit history of this post - any typoes he’s corrected, do they invalidate his opinion?

Of course not - so, get a grip on reality.

A few people have asked me over the years, what do you think about the left hand path? Well, what I think is that it’s amazingly retarded and pursued by people with deep psychological issues that they’re not addressing.

Oh, that’ll be people like ME then - okay, when the LHP burns a bunch of people for being different, or hangs them, or imposes anti-semitic beliefs that result in atrocities, or kidnaps a bunch of schoolgirls, or sends a suicide bomber to a marketplace near you, and maims and kills innocent bystanders and children who haven’t even had the choice, yet, of course we will accept this label - that the “right hand path” of submission to “god” above, altruism, charity, and so on are founded upon.

Those ideals that bring all the GOOD, freedom-based, stuff to this planet.

In other words? Fuck off.


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

[quote=“Euoi, post:12, topic:3444”]I think the real problem with Koetting is that he isn’t teaching anything new most of the time and he markets his beginner books as advance stuff.
99% of you are beginners. So maybe you haven’t realized that. But take s look at Baneful.Magic. Strip away all the eloquent language and you get; candle, sigil, poppet magic. And that bullshit “voodoo” ritual.

I think Koetting is helpful to beginners, can show a thing or two to intermediates, but advanced magicians will be hard pressed to find anything useful.[/quote]

Advanced magic isn’t so much about newer and more interesting techniques. I view advanced magic like I view advanced martial arts. That is it’s mostly about building further upon the foundation. Really getting the techniques properly into your system, and learning about the different ways of how that which you have already learned can be applied and how you can improve it. That’s pretty much why I think western boxing is so efficient. It’s not learning a 100 different punches, it’s learning 3 punches and how they can be applied differently and how you improve them.

Learn from Bruce Lee (I really like that guy :-p).
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

HAHAAAHA Eva that was just awesome how you picked that apart completely! ROFL BRAVO!!! :smiley:

Haha, yeah, nice one, Eva! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:17, topic:3444”]All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer[/quote]

Man, I really like that one!