Establishing connections with target

Hi there! I was wondering if getting a copy of the target’s handwriting will be strong enough to establish a connection with them or if it has to be the original? Looking to do some baneful magick and they have a signature on a piece of paper laying around

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Yes, handwriting will work just fine.

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Yes a piece of their handwriting is a link and even if you didn’t have it, just knowing them and what they look like is enough.

The feelings that person made you feel is also a link because whatever that person did and however that made you feel sets all other events to the side.
Call it a unique event if you want, but the fact that person did that thing and made you feel that particular way makes for the matter of fact. When that person ignited the emotion in you, you can most probably feel it as quite different to other events.

You can use the fact that you know who he is, and what that means to you.


This may also go along with “summoning” the target (even only through a simple calling) before the baneful part.


Whoa. How do you summon a still living human?

Does it matter if I make a photocopy of it and use that? The reason I ask is because it’s at my job

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It’s best if it is a direct sample, not a copy. The same energy isn’t present in a photocopy, so it would be a weaker link.


The theory behind is that everything and everyone is an entity and may be evoked; some time ago I wondered, indeed, if (for example) a summoned person could die but apparently not. Although it’s possible to “feel strange”.


Wow. Could you kindly share a process you’ve used for the most obvious results?

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Exactly the same way you summon anything else. Use an evocation ritual. We have a few on here: search at top right, type in “evocation tutorial”.


Thank you!

Seems you can tell I’m still new to this.

I was about to try evocation in Archangels of Magick from the very first time. I’m not sure that info will transfer, though, as Damon uses specifically calls to make it easier to call angels, and not other types of entities.

Unless you think the archangel specific evocation technique will cross apply to humans, I’ll do the search you’ve recommended and use more general purpose evocations.

I think what I’m especially wondering is… what do you use in place of the person’s sigil? What words of power or enn do you use, etc? If you were Jareth Tempest, what kind of “path working” would you do to a living person? Would we write their name in Hebrew, Phoenician or what?

Now that I think about it more, human evocation does seem sort of specialized. A few unique factors, anyway!

The whole concept, though, is tremendously cool! It reminds me sort of an old Silva Mind method book I read as a kid where you take someone’s head off and put it in your own in order to send someone thoughts. lol. That was nifty. It did sort of work.

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I don’t know, sorry. I use E.A. Koetting’s system not Brand’s, as I find it completely universal and adaptable to any entity and I like that a lot.

Thier name and your image in your mind of their energy signature: how they feel, their presence. Call tat to mind and call them.

I would not, I connect to them by their unique energy signature. It’s super easy because they are already connected through the human collective unconscious: they’re closer to you energetically than non human discarnates.

No it’s fine. They probably won’t notice as they are not telepathic enough to hear you talking to their subconscious. In E.A. Koetting’s book Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis there are exercises that include summoning him. He says he feels it as being a bit spaced out, but he his highly sensitive so I don’t imagine most people can tell.

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I should add, though I like Jarath Tempest’s Angels of Omnipotence book, once I have used the pathworking to reach the correct entity, I memorise it’s energy signature and use that going forward as well.

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Ah. I did buy EA’s Evoking Eternity some time ago. Maybe I should dust that off!

Wow. These are great points, and this is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing these tips.

My bipolar wife went this manic after being taken off her meds by an irresponsible doctor. She ran off with my kids (and basically everything I need to function, as well — even stole my identity — but that’s another thread entirely). The legal system can’t find them. Hopefully I can use this to contact them, make sure they are alright!!

You’re a lifesaver, really. :pray::cherry_blossom:

I actually think I may have this book! I never read it. I should do that this week.

Wow, this is really fascinating. Seems like EA has done everything. Amazing.

Thank you so much!

I almost apologized for derailing the thread, but then I realized this entire thread is basically about human evocation and human summoning. However, for some reason when I actually see the words “Human evocation” and “human summoning” it affects me different psychologically. Different dots are connected.

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So you memorize the actual feeling? That’s very interesting.

For me, I’m don’t discern the differences that much. Different angels just feel like ever so slightly forms of good to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a male and have more a simple perception system — even inner perception these days — than it seems females do, I don’t know.

For instance, many men are colorblind, whereas almost no women are. I really do think the Y chromosome makes us a bit simpler.

It’s as an adult I notice the genetic differences more. I used to operate more at a soul level when I was a kid, and this didn’t matter so much. I should try to do that again. Seems like it’d be smart for this type of work.

There’s an exercise remote viewers use to develop this skill. Sit in a cafe, and pay attention to how the atmosphere changes as people come and go. Notice how the air changes if they are angry or rushed or sad. Notice how that changes how you feel.

More subtly just walk from one room to another, and notice how the atmosphere is different from room to room.

Keep practicing this and it starts to be easy to notice when an entity without a body enters the room, and how the room feels different from entity to entity. The key is “practice”. Because it’s a skill, you have to work it and make it stronger over time.

Mod Note: please avoid identity politics on the forum, it comes under the moratorium on all politics. No men are not “simpler”, and men bashing is not tolerated any more than bashing any other group. :slight_smile:


Ah wow. I’ll do this later this week. There’s a cafe (with very limited hours) within walking distance of me.

This makes a lot of sense. This reminds me of, ah… what’s his name… Russel Targ. I always wondered what their training was like!

Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ll definitely practice this week. :pray:

I was bashing myself, sorry!

I like your technique far more, though! Far more empowering.

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