Espiritismo initiation


Has anyone here been through initiation of espiritismo and if so is there general info about it you could share with me or pm me?

Thank you !

Espiritismo doesn’t have initiation. The most that can be done is to aline your main guide with you in order to have a stronger connection with him/her.

Irocnically they call it the miss de coronation!!!

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OK this makes sense thank you. I have heard people refer to coronation ,bautizo and also initiation so I must have been confusing the terms

It’s not your fault. People just randomly use this words interchangeably, but ultimately mean the same thing.

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I think what you’re referring to is the ‘crowning’ of the main spirit of the Iyawo’s spiritual quadrant that happens shortly before the Ocha (initiating to Orisha). The spirits of one’s court and also egun–spirit’s of ones bloodline have to be appeased before the ceremonies of Ocha can begin.

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