Espiritismo and other spirits?

So I have a serious question. Up until this point I have spoken with King Paimon it was a very positive experience and I want to know is this ok? I am on my way to beginning initiation in IFA and I tried to contact my padrino to ask about this and he has been busy but told me we can connect soon to discuss in person.

I also want to add that no pacts or requests have been made. I am at the moment uninitiated . I contacted King Paimon because I kept seeing his name come up and it would stay with me and I felt drawn to him if that makes sense. Most of what I have learned so far from King Paimon is actually about focusing on my own power that I have.

Can someone let me know if this is acceptable as a non initiate contacting these spirits ?
Also want to add that as a non initiate I do honor the orisha(burn candles, give offerings) but this is more of a thank you to them because Orisha are not to be called down so to speak as other spirits can be. You basically must be initiated to speak with them and so this is another reason why I have communicated with another spirit in order to gain knowledge and guidance

Thank you again!


I think @Micah has talked about working with the Orisha before but Iā€™m not sure


@Gitana7 I work with The Loa. Papa Kalfu mlre so than Papa Legba.

If you wanna work with them go to the spirits themselves.
Seek your initiation from them.

Better yet, speak to the Powers of Magic and initiate yourself into the current. Priests or whatever have legit power and Ability to initiate you. But they are not necessary for your Ascent. At all


And lol @Gitana7
The Orisha CAN be evoked Like demons can be or any spirit.

I dont sacrifice to them or burn offerings to them
I made that clear from the day i met them and although they attempted to instill fear in me, i resisted and literally fought them.

Long story short, im alive and well. They dont fuck with me. They support me.

Stand in your godhood.


Girl, you are in power. The initiation is not needed to call on any Orisha. They are spirits just like any other.