Esoteric Font Giveaway

Here are some fonts that I made. You won’t find these anywhere else. Believe me, I tried. Which is why I made them. I can’t take credit for these fonts. That’s why I’m sharing them. Use them for your own magick spells, art, etc. To get them please DM me.

The Alphabet of Angels by Donald Tyson

Demonic Cipher by Gordon Winterfield

Polygraphia Cipher by Johannes Trithemius

Power Glyphs by Donald Tyson

This font is meant for creating sigils!

I hope you find these fonts useful. Again, to get them please DM me.


I would have included a link to the fonts, but the BALG forum mods don’t allow that. That’s why you have to DM me in order for me to send you the link.

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