Esoteric Declaration of Energies Commanded: TSO

Let Ra akisi
I evoke, materialize, and immanentize that balance,
That in totality transmutes,
The climbing ladders of human’s DNA,
And points to a new grand vision.

A vision that unites all our species,
Sweeping success of peace in excess,
Rewarding of a long hot medicine bath,
That eases all infinitely.
Anegraanatu Aromas!

Humankind rise like straight backed ape!
A singular unified soul which overcomes all obstacles
Towards the destination of a new age,
Sweet child light grandfathers torch!
Infant sun appear by surprise and greet the Earth.

Blow novel sylphs in equal strength to storm,
Then illuminate new paths in reverie of our species,
Bring swift a new universal justice,
Deliver us from the end.
Building fire blanket our planet and echo!

Let all be awaked by your light,
Burn with equal ferocity to heavy shadows,
And explode with blinding light!
And for every ash a person to bury it.

Spin fast Earth to dawn,
And bear cutting night with strength and courage,
For the final time,
Before a thousand years of fortune.
Darkness leave as quick as you came!

Let tempest rage,
Water fast our fields,
To grow crops of unexpected bounty!