I am working my way through the steps of BOA while working on the Mastering Divination Course. I think one of the things I got out of the course is that the method of Divination is  to trigger your internal ability to skry visualize etc. With a tarot Atu, to "bond with the card " like EA suggests, coming up with your own meaning, visualizing the image etc., I decided to take the same approach with the sigils of BOA. 

I started first with Eshtalishtu who teaches alchemy, who couldn’t be excited about that? A reverse alchemy no less that helps you learn to materialize the Divine plane into the material plane.

When I meditate on the Th-Ga sync, I see a mental picture of my meditation room with my eyes closed with a picture on the wall of what looks like a medieval countryside with a castle and lake in the background and a blond long haired knight in armor , one hand with a sword, the other pointing to a corner in the background.

This is pretty consistent so far. Anyone else have any experiences with this sigil or evocation? I have noticed strange thoughts appearing during the day about the interconnectedness of things. I hear music alot too. It’s not audible “external” to me (not yet) but it is usually very majestic sounding, alot of times like a trumpet or flute choir or something like that.