Escaping the Programming of Born again Christianity

Hey All ,

Here is my experience and thoughts on the programming of born again christianity and escaping it and recovering your mental faculties and life(also reasoning, critical thinking, increase awareness and allowing yourself to undertake a magickal path)
and i will discuss my own understanding of the modalities of what i perceive to be deception and mind control with this particular sect which also branch out to broader religion as the themes of run in most of them anyways.
Also a look at the internal psychology and frame of mind of it.
And also a bit about the gnosis i have come across in my life.
So grab some tea, strap in and
Enjoy the spelling mistakes :smiley:

This is also aimed at any new to the occult coming from a christian perspective.
Its also a bit ranty…

I was raised as a born again christian,
About the age of 16 or 17 is stopped going to church ,

  1. Mainly because i wanted to lie in on sundays
  2. I wanted to reclaim a day back of my life i felt had been stolen from me since i was young.

But deep down i always felt something was either wrong ,
or that something was not right.

When you are involved in born again christianity ,
the whole thing is based on having a personal relationship with jesus in your mind.
Its kind of like splitting a portion of your mind like a compartment or compartmentalisation.
I think if we take the analogy of the mind related to a computer cpu(central processing unit) its works best to explain.
Your mind only has so much cpu to use ,
This cpu runs your core personality , thought processes etc,
By introducing the idea of have a personal relationship with jesus,
The mind gives a portion of the cpu to upholding this relationship with jesus.
While simultaniously slowing the cpu dedicated to you , yourself and your growth.

You do something you have been told is sinfull to do and you apologise to jesus in your head.
Or have conversations with jesus in your head.

Long story short i think you are dedicating more and more of the cpu to this split personality instead of you running your own personality and growing.

The guilt piles on when you do something you were told by your pastor or influential church member is a sin even if its natural, masturbation , sex etc.

The maintaining of the slavery mentality -FEAR-

Every sunday you go to church , unbeknownst to you it is

  1. The blind leading the blind
  2. Wolf in sheep’s clothing(Knowingly deceiving or manipulating)
  3. A business.(Also note if you havent already when they hand out the collection baskets , they recite some scripture that encourages the giving of money to god, this is a form of hypnotic suggestion, also pacing of words etc.
    they are well versed in this)

Nobody in the church has had an actual spiritual experience,
anything paranormal is shunned,
because the god they worship does not do anything supernatural, it is a god(or concept) of mundanity , slavery , stagnation and repression and the opposite of what is claimed.

They take the stories literally,
They most of the time will agree with the pastor or speaker.

One of the underlying motivation for going to church or being a christian,
is FEAR…
fear of many things and this is main factor in keeping the mind crippled and afraid to step out and acquire new information and new perspectives.

The mind is kept in fear of hell ,
An example of how fear is greater then reasoning or logic
(aside from because they believe most if not all things they read, especially by someone claiming to be a christian…why?..because another underlying belief of christians is that christians dont lie.
That means you can put any douchbag actor in front of a camera have him say hes a christian…say he died one night…got assfucked for a thousand years in hell and then got pulled out of hell by jesus only to come back to the world to scare the shit out of them to make them believe in him or their fucked and going to hell whilst trying to cultivate love…)

is because no-one in the church has any practical experience of hell , no-one died and came back to tell them of it, only the character in a book ,
but the pastors etc will keep telling them its real.
This is evident of the lack of the ability to think…and also to think critically.

I remember being told not to meditate because you will open your mind to demons…even though jesus is teaching yoga “take no thought” “you take away the key of knowledge because you dont enter within” etc.
You could’nt possibly open your mind to angel’s or even god…but only demons…it could never be good only bad…more fear.
(Also not to say demons are bad either)

Then i remember starting to meditate, i was scared at first, wondered what if its true, I decided “Theres only one way to find out”…

Hmm no demons,no angels, no god…But i feel really good.
I feel more relaxed and better able to handle the rest of the day.

After meditating for a long time i noticed my mind would start to think quicker,better and take in more information, this was my awareness increasing… the space in my mind where i have inner dialogue seemed to expand, it seemed i could have more complex inner dialogue and make bigger conclusions about things without outside confirmation etc.
I started to analyse my own thoughts and thought patterns and why i think thinks and do certain thoughts benefit me etc
(hard to explain but thats the best i can do)

Incense sticks for meditating…5€

Realizing they had fed me shit about meditation since i was young…Priceless.

The maintaining of the slavery mentality -IGNORANCE-

You are told not read certain books.

Think about that for a moment, they tell you NOT to read certain books,
and stay away from books that might enlighten you about falsities in the believe system they want to push on you.

This is i think paramount to the Ignorance , if not then a major factor.
To deny you knowledge is to limit and neuter your growth and power,
to deny you your own thoughts ,expansion of mind and longing for knowledge and cement your contraction of knowledge in the playground of mind control.

You have the right to read any book you want to,
You have the right to any knowledge you seek,
and this i think is one of the core essence’s off freedom.

In-fact read the books they told you not too.
Upon reading the books they told you not to , you will soon discover new knowledge and the methods of the deception they push upon you.
Then it will be obvious as to why they told you not to read those books.

A wise piece from the satanic bible i think is some SERIOUS Wisdom
"He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of greater understanding,
for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom"

Let that sink in…
Thats from the Satanic Bible.

Upon starting to the read more and more books(especially but not limited to esoteric books)
your language will improve, you will start to look at etymologies and roots of words.

Alot to do with ignorance is in the non-understanding of language
Esoteric language or even Legalese(legal language) etc.

Words are what define reality, and objectivity…the more words you know or have…the more your reality can be allowed to expand.
Although this is not the only thing that expands your reality…i think it is a key to it.
(A quick analogy would be , if you have a frame-work of words for something, you can delve deeper into it , so for a google search…A person who does not know the term for microbiology must type biology and research to find the term microbiology so that he can finally research micro biology…
The person who knows the word microbiology types it in and gets to it quicker and can begin to research it faster…this puts him time ahead of the guy who doesnt have the key/word “microbiology”.)

The ignorance of language is used as a prison for the mind.

The word “Sin” , comes from the latin word sinister which mean the left side.

This means that the brand and concept of being a sinner that has been pushed on a christian there whole life falls apart…
More so we have the word Righteous…
Sinner(Left side - Bad or Evil)…Righteous(Right side - Good)

I think this is also why jesus sits on the right side of the father.
(the symbolism goes much deeper but long story short i believe is to be referring to the brain, Left and Right hemisphere etc)

God with an extra o in it = Good
Evil with a D in front = Devil

This i understand relates to the left hand or right hand path.
Neither is good or bad however, it just infers working with different spirits and self vs creator… .
(limited explanation but you get the idea).

I think that language is diluted as time goes on in western society it is aimed to a more left brain dilution.
West Corresponding to Left ,
East to the right

Also why i think western society is constantly fighting eastern society on the planet,
The conflict being a reflection of left brain and right brain
Leading me to quote “As above so below” and “As below so above”

Language is crucial in breaking out of ignorance and mind control if you ask me.

The Born again Christianity is not a religion play/card.

Undoubtedly , this has been repeated to you , most likely by someone who has had it repeated to them by someone who most likely had it repeated to them.

This is another slice of shit from the dookie loaf of deception baked in the oven of organised religion.

Heres the definition of religion from the first google search page

“the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods”

“a particular system of faith and worship”

One could argue everything is religion, scaling from the micro to the macro
Banana or Pear , Apple or Samsung , Microsoft or Sony…Xbox or Playstation , Buddhism or Christianity,
Bible or Koran… you get the point.

Another thing you might hear upon leaving or having left christianity,
You have never really tried or gave it a chance…
more repeated to them by someone who most likely had it repeated to them stuff.

The Occult

The occult has many definitions and meanings but most importantly , it can just be put down to meanings “Hidden”

The bible is a text full of hidden meanings, cloaked in symbolism and allegory, and long story short its coded.

The bible is an occult text , like many many others
There are many books not in the bible that were decided kept out.

I remember the first time buying a pack of tarot cards , or even doing the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram…
Like the meditation i was scared waiting for things to go wrong or happen…
When you finally face things that you were told by your religion not to do or stay away from… this is you breaking free from the programming which is also why you get that feeling of uneasyness , why? … because you are gaining your own power…power that you have been scared away from Exoteric organised repeating self policing slave sheep religions.

I can personally say that if you are scared of rituals or on your first step in facing this programming and starting practical sprituality the LBRP will send negative energy and people away from you , protect and fortify you.
I got out a bad fucking place with that ritual, and not to sound like a drama queen, i regained my freedom and may have not survived if it was not for that ritual.

But even though i was calling on angels and using hebrew words which is the base of christianity i still felt uneasy because of the word ritual (another example of the power of words)
, again this was the programming,
Grab your nutz or ovaries , and face that programming,

Because each time you do , you regain freedom, your god given right to expand your mind , and your power as a human.

The goal for me , and i think alot of people who used to be in this or that religion gaining there spiritual freedom and going against there programming is this.

  1. Face the things they scared you away from
  2. Face the things they lied to you about
  3. Get to the point where you have gone so far ,that they dont have any lies to hold you back nor the experience or depth to even make any lies up about which they have no experience of and will be blind too.
    Further thus proving their ignorance , and fraud of authority of any thing spiritual in the first place.

And finally i would like to end with 2 things.

A thought i had recently…

“Fighting for evolution amongst the ever devolving is an uphill struggle,
only the strong can do it.”

and a quote from author
"Freedom of thought proceeds freedom of action and freedom of action proceeds freedom of life."(Now you know why its important for would be controllers to limit the seed of freedom of thought)

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards,


Very good post! I was looking at the quote you posted from author MAS. A good way to further explain that, in my opinion, would be that in order to have a truly free life and experience the purest form of freedom we can have (aside from law enforcement and governtment agencies which have their own little ways of forcing desirable behavior on us) is that you must first realize you have the ability to act as you wish, to do the things you desire in life but in order to do this you must first also realize that you have the ability to think as you wish and that by simply thinking or planning out something you wish to do you are not being damned to hell by some all mighty god plotting to destroy you for simply wondering “what if this exists?” because that god is only a made up concept. Something I tell people all the time, he is a concept that was created to control the masses.

We all start out as babies, blank slates. We only learn because our parents and others are there in our lives to teach us what they feel we should know, what information they feel is essential to our growth as humans and our behavior, which is where religion comes in to teach us to behave as mature, kind, and finely modeled citizens from a young age because as the OP said, too many people have this false belief that christians do not lie which makes them out to be the perfect model of acceptible behavior in humans. We also look up to our parents when we are little as we quickly understand that mommy, daddy, grandma, or our adoptive parents are the ones who nuture us, feed us, comfort us when we get hurt so we recognize early on that we must place a lot of trust in our care givers as they are the ones who provide for us, but we essentially place too must trust in them and start shaping our own beliefs on the foundation of “If my dad said it, then it must be true because my father would never steer me wrong!”

It can be a hard thing to admit that your parents are not thinking with your best interests in mind because if they are brainwashed by their religion, they are not aware that they are. So to them, they are teaching their children all that is right and holy within this world. But again to elaborate on the OP’s quote from author MAS. If you then reverse that cycle basically, in order to have freedom of action you must first have freedom of thought and to have true freedom of life you must have both freedom of action and thought. And religion attempts to elimiate this type of thinking, to make you think there is no such thing as freedom of action or thought lest ye act out against god and suffer eternal damnation in hell for it.

As also, the OP mentioned right hand and left hand sides. I think their is also programming at work here with the very purpose of dividing into left hand or right hand categories. We are programmed by religion to accept that anything that strays away from the right hand path is not right. They use this terminology on purpose because it serves to always remind you of the two opposing sides. I remember in Sunday school when I was very young, they used to teach us this thing with our hands and the directions to further enforce this type of thinking.

Every time we had a choice to make we were supposed to hold out both hands, keeping the two directions in mind (right and left) and ask ourselves which choice was more interesting for us, but which choice was more interesting for god? To remind us of the two choices the theory was:

Right = the RIGHT choice in god’s eyes
Left = the choice which will get you LEFT behind in the end times when god returns

The same type of thinking behind the WWJD? shirts and bracelets. So it only seems appropriate that christianity and similar religions would be labeled as the right hand paths and all others labeled as left hand paths. This is a form of programming in itself, to impound in your mind that anything not of god is wrong and you will suffer for such choices so you opress the ability to freely think for yourself and base all future decisions on what some non-existant god really wants you to do. I am actually writing a large section on this for my book for those who may be struggling with magick due to previous christian teachings intefering with their current beliefs and decisions and that simply choosing to be part of a different path is not always enough for some, that many of us need to completely rewire our brains to accept this information as false so we can form our own decisions with no religious exptectations influencing our decision towards one particular side.

Just got this link from Dantalion Jones a few hours ago. A hypnosis session for deprogramming yourself from a religious or cult upbringing. Check it out here.

You may want to create a mp3 from the audio and play it at night for a few nights, to let the script work on your deep mind.

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