Escaping the Prison

In response to the last comments made on Akasha’s thread yesterday, I would like to try and explain to both Biosynth and Ashtkerr exactly what I mean by getting out of the matrix.

Yes you’re quite right but that’s not the point I was making, I’m concerned with knowing how to escape that prison of control and live a life of freedom away from the controlling forces that steer the sheep. I’m simply talking about the human herd instinct and breaking those barriers that bind people, you can do this on earth without fucking off to life in a different dimension or planet.

There is no escaping the planet, I grant you that (unless your an astronaut) but please let me explain my view of the matrix.

This planet is ruled by evil forces, these people are carefully groomed and inserted into high ranking positions making it more easier to dominate. I would say they are pretty Satanic in their thinking but they don’t follow the golden rule. They only care about themselves and what they have to do to get what they want, they have no love for the general population.

They wield their swords in very clever manipulative ways, which keeps the masses at bay in a state of confusion, illusion and deceit. I suppose their main aim is to keep people away from the truth. They also don’t use magic like we do because their motivation is strictly about putting knowledge into operation through the use of suggestive psychology, and mind control. Make no mistake about it, they are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to maintain control.

Their influence initially comes into the picture through the way we are educated at school. These environments really don’t prepare us to succeed, as they carefully interfere with our mind to steer us into becoming sheep and following a strict regime when we leave. Many will be reluctant to want to learn more as they grow up because of the hard experiences they went through at school, which of cause keeps them in a passive state of non action.

As the majority have been brainwashed at an early age, they will more than likely work for an employer as at this stage, their natural free will has been changed and many will feel more comfortable being controlled by a boss instead of being the boss themselves.

The media is carefully structured and vetted by these basturds, they control the TV networks and radio stations to name but a few and of cause, our biggest network of networks > the world wide web. They also take active roles in the government to spread more lies and shite to the masses as this once again, is another way they can brainwash a large number of people at once. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for because at the end of the day, they’re all full of shit. It’s all carefully designed to make it look like you have a choice and are therefore taking part in it all when in reality, they don’t give a fuck about you as long as they get what they want.

Religion is another carefully put together plot to keep people in a permanent stage of confusion, it’s so well done that I admire its nature but laugh at the buggers that follow this life style as they are restricting their own development spiritually, not to mention physically.

However, the biggest controlling element within this material world of ours (or theirs) is money itself. It we don’t have adequate amounts of this then we won’t be able to experience many aspects of life and if we end up millionaires, then we tend to become obsessed by it wanting more and more, we become a slave to it. So as you can see, this is the matrix and how it keeps us shackled to the rat race.

How do we get out of the Matrix? > Well one way is to become a black magician…

These people get a bad press I know, which tends to keeps us in the shadows (hence black magic) but we are not evil, we usually follow the golden rule as we have respect for ourselves and others. Part of the true initiation into black magic must therefore involve recognising these controlling factors and abolish them from our lives.

We have to re-educate ourselves in that what is hidden (the occult), I myself don’t watch TV or listen to radio as I find the best channel is YouTube. I also don’t listen to the news as the majority is negative and depressing. I have never voted in my life or would waste my time listening to politicians and as for religion, I would rather sit outside and watch the grass grow than go to church.

This then leaves money, well…you can either not give a fuck about it and just get by and be happy and content like this, or you can make enough to be comfortable without becoming obsessed by it. Either which way, I would still advise you to work for yourself as this reinforces your own control as employers more often than not, don’t give a fuck about you as long as you please them, and they can squeeze you dry and throw you a couple of scraps for your time.

So as you see, the matrix is simply ‘CONTROL’ and we get out of this by rebelling against the brainwashing and outside influences of earth, we don’t leave the planet, we simply get out of the machine to experience freedom, and to create our desires and solve our problems.

Well that’s nice, I was talking strictly about the movie and trying to avoid any potential for physical reality.

In the movie, your idea of rebelling by removing ourselves from the control of those in power is part of their plot to remain in power.

In the movie the Matrix, those in Zion have not escaped from the Matrix, only led to believe that they have. As the Architect says that the prime program (the one) is the only anomaly in an otherwise perfect system. Among many other in-movie proofs.

I don’t intend this to be some esoteric understanding of the world, instead, I am dealing only with the movies themselves.

Everything in magick is connected, all world events fall in line with say the smallest magick oarticle.

  1. First you have magick on the MicroCosmic Level.
  2. Second you have it in the personal macrocosmic level
  3. Thirdly, your world begins to grow beyond its normal Boundries (this is most definetely a specialty of Belial up to this point and beyond).
  4. Once it grows beyond the personal…one gets influence, charisma, celebrity status and so one gets involvedbwith groups and organizations naturally.
  5. The next level is one has somehow influenced something on a Political or Religious level. They are the same as both require directing magick/attention and beliefs/interests.
  6. At some point your manifestations attain global power (Belial).
  7. You then at sone point have power to influence small countries or nations.
  8. The next level is you are changing small countries or nations…obviously you would have to be within a certain seat if power as it goes way beyond doing magickal rituals…because ones level of magick has become a permanent manifestation: influenced people as drones where you then have the power to Generate Capital to maintain a Beings continued existence (interest). Then you play into their Evolution… So magick goes from casting magickal spells to manipulating society and evolution where that in itself is the actual magickal ritual practice. Why Belial? Some say he says he will reduce people down to the lowest level of whatever…but what Belial really represents is the magick of the physical world (including all the obscure magick) which I just talked about. Magick is a Language…there is a definkte connection that links the highest spirit particle to the actual manipulating of physical manifestations. This is part of what him being both The Lord of the High House and the Lord of the Depths means…where he IS MASTER over all.

As for my comment about Outer Space… You really have 3 Paths of Magick…one where you go on the offensive and produce radical change, one where you utilize the help by using other forces as Leverage which basically requires using an existing system of forces, and then you got the lone path where you walk away from it all like say a Monk. Outer Space is like the 3rd pqth though the third path in the real world would be akin to someone who was able to somehow profit off the ROLLING CHANGE of Destruction (Anti) and Creation (Thesis) to then take those profits so they can live off the Grid…within the Global box of course…m.naturally this requires resources and money currency. The higher road and staying more true to this 3rd path of Synthesis is one gets to be a space traveler and colonize another world but that no doubt takes alot more money where one will probably not be doing that. So if you have plans to go live in Tahiti or whatever, where you are away from the Political-Religious atmosphere of most countries then so be it…the other first two paths are dealing with the atatus quo.

More directly to your question: in a country where you have the freedom to be here to even speak… The first thing you realize is that the Matrix Prison is a Prison of Invisible Bars…this means it is made out of pure information…beliefs. It is only enforced by other peoples Mindpower magick and to a certain extent some of their actions (by what they are lawfully alllowed). This is why I babble on about Symbolism…because most likely all the symbols you use are of both the Political and Religious Systems…meaning naturally you have already been imprisoned within the Established Structure of someone elses Black Prison of Magick, unless you control it.

After the magickal aspect, it gets to the MacroCosmic Aspects where you need to learn how to SURF the Political and Religious systems in order to manipulate them to create your “BUBBLE OF REALITY” of a Matrix of safe space that can exist within other Matrix"s. It is freedom because it makes you feel free. Thats why I mentioned in another thread the rudimentaries of a Triangle of Anti-thesis, Thesis and Synthesis all correspond to all this said here. So basically you have to profit off some form of destruction (Anti-thesis) which creates the initial safeground to build a Safeground Matrix by utilizing Freed forces like say allies (Thesis) wherever that may exist in Time and Space on Earth which is ones manifest Heaven in Earth existence (Synthesis).

If a slave attempts to leave egypt alone he will die in the sand and roast in the sun. Escape from the matrix is achieved in an Exodus.

You mean like they are doing right now with Refugees? Well I have one to comment for that…watch the movie “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.” basically one escapes one Matrix only to find themselves in another Matrix. Which may not be better… Truth be told…ultimately there is no running from your problems as eventually you will have to Fight to Transform that shadow…

You mean like they are doing right now with Refugees? Well I have one to comment for that…watch the movie “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.” basically one escapes one Matrix only to find themselves in another Matrix. Which may not be better… Truth be told…ultimately there is no running from your problems as eventually you will have to Fight to Transform that shadow…[/quote]

I meant in a purely intellectual and philosophical way. Free the mind and the ass will follow. When this is done in a group it’s called a movement and This is what I meant by the whole escape from the matrix exodus thing.

I didn’t mean physical exodus like refugees, more like we change the way we think and the world changes due to the collective behaviors of those that have made a choice to think in new ways.

Oh silly me. I forget that sometimes people on these boards can mean different things between whether its truly physical or of The Mind…like talking like they traveled somewhere physically when they were only doing it physically. Its a good thing to distinguish those (fyi that was from another conversation). But its all good no worries.

I shoukd however comment on the relationship between the Physical and Philosophical for those trying to escape the Mental Matrix…is that the Physical World whether people acknowledge it or not you can think of as a sort of Super Energetic Program that acts as a Sort of Gravity upon the psyche reeling one in from ones various bag od tricks of mentle rukes trying to escape. There is not much fancy reasoning here other than say…whatever physical prison of say Social Rules merely effects most very heavily on the emotional level that it very much feels and acts like Gravity to most Anchoring them in. Thats whete one must dnergize ones philosophical powers to the extent that ones Psychokinesis Destroys those Matrix Anchors…where perceived Matrix can be thought of as ones Memories Superglued by the process of compressing emotiona on a data construct of a program (sexual alchemy).

There are multiple levels of matricies I believe. If you don’t have liberty, you’re in a matrix of some sort.

Once you are free, you can find out what you new limits are, start finding your way out of the next one. Ascent = Escaping your current matrix to exercise power within and/or freedom from your former circumstances.

If you listen to EA in some of the talks he goes into this, where your issues and concerns become broader… and start dealing with the future of the human race, or global changes in power structures… there can be a lifetime of work there if you want to play with it.

Someone else will come along and keep changing what you make after you’re done, so thats one thing to consider also. I think the real influence is on creating large cultural momentum towards something, rather than specific institutions or acientific artifacts, although everything fits together to make the whole… so it’s all good to some extent in the end.

I liked this thread.

This seems like a never ending cycle and it ends somewhere beyond the lingustic mind, so it’s always a journey undertaken by ones-self.