Escaping Prison Exercises

Escaping Prison Exercises
For Beginners & ors.

The herd only feel really safe in maximum security prisons – but always with the abiding fear of release. The best and strongest prisons are the self-constructed ones, as these offer only limited, well guarded escapes. This understanding can be used Magickally and is why head-zapping is so crucially important and inherently dangerous. Chaos Magic(k) introduced me to paradigm theory and by using this I discovered Aeonic Magick (too late to escape).

Since babyhood you’ve been lovingly fed heaped spoonfuls of shit by your parents, teachers, authority figures and ‘Christ, not this again’ mass media propaganda. This is why head zapping is so important if you want to be a successful Magician.

Magick Works! I know, but I only found out because I started doing and stopped doubting (this is where Sigils and sigilization are great). Too many coincidences, too many times. Too many improbable outcomes that were just what I wanted. So, being raised in a western, protestant, scientific, materialist society I set out to consciously subvert the self I was, to become who I am.

When people opine that a lot of Magick is mind games they’re correct, but only because our inner abilities have been systematically crippled, stunted, misdirected and destroyed since we could understand punishment. So here are two, ‘simple’, get you started exercises. As a short cut to proficiency I recommend performing these rituals as if you are starring in a blockbuster film.

  1. Learn and practice a Banishing Ritual. I use inverted pentagrams, but you suit yourself. You can also do a banishing just using vowel sounds. Just do some research, find one, take the time to write it down in your pen and paper Magickal Journal (assuming you have one and there are reasons why you should), learn it by heart, practice and rehearse – then actually do it. It shouldn’t take you long to get results. The more often you perform the banishing the quicker the results.

  2. Learn, then with emotion deliver The Lesser Headless Ritual. I strongly recommend morning and night. It’ll fuck you up good and proper, really quick. But don’t trust me – do it! If you want to strengthen your workings, perform a banishing then The Lesser Headless Ritual. And it’s a good thing to know how to banish - as you’ll learn quickly after repeating The Lesser Headless Ritual a few times.

And you have fun, because if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right!