Erzulie Freda's Passion Spell

Hello everyone. I recently have had a magickal success that I wanted to share the method from. So I’ve been talking to a young artist from my area and she has been somewhat cold. I can tell that she and I would be happy together as we have much in common and share the same goals. So, I gathered some red scented wax from an old candle and melted and shaped it into a small red heart. I then took a red needle and drew the veve of Erzulie Freda. I called her down and offered to her some beauty supplies including nail polish and shampoo. I then asked her to possess the red tipped needle. I held the needle in my hand and it felt as if it became heavier. I held the heart in my other hand and saw the girl that I’ve been courting. I saw her becoming warmer, more responsive, and to open her up more while I viewed the heart. I then began to see the heart as her heart. I took the needle and said incantations as I stabbed it into her heart. Several days later, she has become much more inquisitive, talkative, and warm. The difference is noticeable. What I like about this spell, and sympathetic magick in general, is how simple and yet effective it is. Thank you Erzulie Freda!