Error and randomness

So, either he didn’t aged, til he found that old man,(and “maturity” -more like: “the mortal spirit” got him old and dead. Or, it was meaning something else, and just his spirit staid young.


O.o a strange one you are mate lol


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It stuns, and brings up questions.

Death may be a insult, but so called “life” as we know it. Isn’t it also a insult itsself?
Remembering my wishes from the RHP time. I wasn’t after death.
But i desired freedom, i desired that i shall sit in front of my friend, that woman i once knew,
and i would bee surrounded by animals -those to who i have been kind, they would greet and give me company for the last time. I would disappear.

I would be free to go everywhere and influence everything.
~i could even visit that very friend, or the animals, but i would spend most of my unearthly time, with exploration.

Its one of those days, when i realize how few the amount of false ideas were in my mind.
Sure, karma made no sense, but to ignore the physical life, would gave me the time to become spirit again.

Idk, i feel conlifcted.
~i feel like, if what i have desired was in itsself a good thing, but the reasons and how i tried to reach it was false. And, if i would have been stronger willed, and would have posessed a more clear mind, i could have kept the book of light.

There is no need, to embrace the animal -i already am, and i want that which is beyond that crude sphere.

The daemon told E.A. back then, that we should embrace the flesh, yet, i shouldn’t forget, that before that is possible, i need to embrace spirit -if i embrace flesh first, then i might “make use of my youth” but i’ll risk my salvation in comming years.

So i need to embrace the mind, before i can embrace the flesh.

No excuses, no “we travel to the roots and pass our primal desires” bullshit.

Sure, the roots may be simple in their way -but not animalistic. Never animalistic.

I shall not offer semen to anything for any excuse.
I shall not charge sigils with it. Instead i should take one of my hundreds of needles, and draw blood from my veins, or prick a finger, or bite on the inside of my lower lip.

I could try a simple boring “strange” living, only to fulfill the needs of my crude vessel.
idk if i would be successful with it, and would instead “fall” back into the animal.
That annoying vessel, which keeps desiring company, food, hygiene, touch and reproduction.
Such afford, put in place for something that useless, so limited.

The physical body is like the iphone of vessels.

~So much time and rescources, for what?
What can i do here, that i can’t do on any other plane?

What justifies the price?

What is here, which is not there ?


What is easier?
~To destroy the veil, or to ascend?


Awesome Journal, I like your character and you :smiley:

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Your nice words, represent a welcome irritation.
~Its our social custom, to thank at this point, so:

“Thank you.” :smiley:


No. It’s more depressing than that. Iranon never aged because he was so far out of touch with physicality due to his quest for a place that existed only in his mind. When the realization of his fantasy dawned upon him the weight of ages came crashing down. Unable to accept that what he desired could not be found in this world he walked into the quick sand and destroyed his body. The part that is open to speculation in my mind was whether or not he left the world to search for his home on some other plane, or if he committed knowing and intentional suicide in reaction to the realization that it was not worth existing in this world if it did not hold that which he felt would fulfill him.

Not death. Destruction.


idk what to say at this moment except: Destruction is neutral. But its so frightening and as undesirable as it possibly ever gets. Death on the other end, is a crippling, repeating and horrible event. Mortality is a joke. Instead of progression, all that progresses are the vessels, holding mostly reseted beings. But what does beign mean anyway?

Since spirit is matter, and reverse.
In the book of light, it is described as monades who wrap themself in root/black matter, which is itsself made of sub-monades. ~but idk if those submonades will eventually evolve the monade way too, due to the lacking interest of the guru and the entity that made him write those books.

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Can you feel anything from these pictures?
~this somehow altered piece of copper -just as the glas-nuggets which have the same effect, and which i also bought from the same esoteric online shop. This very thing makes it possible to use a phone without feeling heat and pain. I also use orgonite -which are “just” metal particles and pieces with some crystal drowned in epoxy.

I ask you again: Do you can feel anything?
~I’m curious… because i’m not joking. Phones -especially everything that is using G-networks and wifi makes me suffer moments of pain, heat, lose of concentration and memory.

Too bad i didn’t knew the source of these symptoms earlier… my grades would have been better, if i wouldn’t have suffered this radiation-induced torment + advanced bullying and difficult living conditions. But enough of that. I’m curious what you might have to say, about this rather pricy object, as one of those copper things cost 15 bucks -but i think my brain is worth it.

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I feel the copper is charged.

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It has been stated, that it holds “information” just like the other talisman-type things they offer on the website

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Hmm… and how are any of these objects?
(but note that i didn’t brought them into moon- or sunlight to charge


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The one on the right didn’t strike me as much as the left and middle, that I felt were charged.

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WTF is an MSQ E-Pad and where can I get one? Okay, I found the website. It blocks the EMF radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi access points.


the smaller the particles, and the more rare the metal = the more effective = the higher the frequence

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Since copper is electrically conductive, I can see the adaptation for talismanic uses.


Its a german website. If they would ship to your place (whereever that is)
we could maybe arrange things -with me sitting in between, don’t worry, i won’t ask for %'s

they even make orgonite more effective.
And those glas-things work the same as the chips, but are obviously less practical for many cases


Just to note this:

i bought those over two years ago, so don’t call me a sellout or something.
i don’t get anything for spreading the word