Error and randomness




Lsd und Opium -Tore ins Jenseits?


TMW you feel like learning the truth(whatever that is) about the “childish” fear of the dark.

Children dont fear merely the unknown, or merely find the diminished sight disquieting,
but, they see the shapes, some more or less intelligent, living in shades and darkness.

Before i went to work, the place was filled with seen and halfseen shapes and grim faces.
~And i saw without a doubt, a life like quality in the picture i once drew, seeking to depict Nyarlathotep and Kek as one.

But its still when the light is up.
…I guess some of my picture are obviously vampiric. The minds eye showed me often half-imagined scenes of them coming towards me, ripping of a part of flesh and making me bleed black blood. Almost felt pain, feelings heat and fluids dripping, came with those pictures.

Anyway, back then, as i went to work, all usual exhaustion was missing,
but there was a watchfullness as if in the confrontation of crisis.
I tried to no look at any reflection of myself.