Erotic Dream

I would like to share this dream that I had this morning. For a while now I have been wondering how real and intense it would feel to have sex with a succubus. Then this morning, around 4am, I started to dream.

In my dream I had this INTENSE vibrations all through my body, it was so intense, it felt as if I could not handle it anymore, this vibrations went through me like crazy, I felt it mostly in my head. I cannot astral project by will yet, so I know that the vibrations could be related to me having an OBE, but I am wondering if the vibrations could mean something else?

After the vibrations I could feel a spirit teasing me in a sexual way, I have no idea who the spirit is, but, it was as if the spirit was just trying to give me a taste of what could be. It was amazing, I felt the energy of the spirit in front of me and then also behind me, and I just cried out in my dream “please fuck me”. lol.

But then I woke up. But the strange part is, when I woke up, I realized that I was lying in the exact same position, as when I was dreaming, cause I did dream that I was in my bed. It felt very real.

I am just very curious about the extreme vibrations that I felt all through my body, especially in my head?

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