Eris Goddess Evocation and Sigil?


I was wondering what Godess Eris her Sigil is and what evocation method may be used?

Oh, also a chant? Or you just use names?

You should search for evocation or evoking without a sigil.

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I didn’t know that was a thing, thanks.

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I have a picture on my balg blog that you can use as a Sigil. You can also use The Five Fingered Hands of Eris, The Apple of Discord, The Sacred Chao, and if you have the right password, you can use crosses.

For a sigil I just use an eight pointed stare or an infinity symbol. Its always worked fine for me. She is chaos, she isn’t picky.

Read this. It will help. Actually it may make it even harder. Consult your pineal gland for further information and remember to dodge the fnords.