Envoking Duke Dantolion

Hi, So I’m gonna be using the second ritual I the Demons of Magick book. People are gonna make fun of me for this but the wording and other sources I’ve read haven’t given me a straight answer so I’m just gonna ask it straight up front on the form. Am I forming a relationship with Duke Dantolion or can I just have like a one off where I can just do it and not have to form a relationship with him. I’m only planning on envoking once with a situation I’m currently in and not trying to form a relation with him at the moment.

Okay, man.

I gave you a pretty clear answer in your last thread where you asked this same question. Just a heads up, asking the same questions over again won’t get you different answers.

I’m not going to repeat myself so I’m just going to quote what I said last time:

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Now here is my response to that. I asked about the first ritual in the other post from the book demons of magick which is the petition. I’m now asking about the second ritual that’s in the book, and since I can’t find anything about the question I have on google or on here the form I decided to make one for myself so not only I can get the answer but other people who have the question can look at it. Yes I did take parts from the other post but I’m asking about a different question based on a different ritual than the other post.

Does that clear things up?

No, all you did is ask the same question.

It does not matter what ritual from the book you are doing. Asking if you can do a “one off” because “you don’t want a relationship” is the exact same question with the exact same answer. Changing the ritual doesn’t change that fact.

So me being confused on a different ritual because not knowing if it may be different from the other and I may have to form a relationship with the demon is the same question? Like I said I took aspects from the other question because that one had a more clear understanding on what I was looking for in a different ritual. Dude you’re trying to say I asked the exact same question which I’m not, I’m asking about a completely different ritual. You’re just trying to get me into a gotcha moment when that’s not gonna happen based on the context of what I’m asking. I’m not trying to be an ass sorry if it seems like it I’m just trying to get an answer for my question.

Dude, as I previously stated, whatever ritual you do doesn’t matter.

I quoted your questions from each thread, showing that it is the same question over again. Just to make it absolutely clear to you:

You can call a spirit only once, using whatever method you want. Period.

You call a spirit only once using Ritual 1 in DoM.

You can call a spirit only once using Ritual 2 in DoM

You can call a spirit only once using Ritual 3 in DoM

You can call a spirit only once using EA’s methods.

You can call a spirit only once using the Golden Dawn’s methods.

Whatever ritual method you choose to do does not matter in the least. One ritual will not “forge a relationship,” no matter what ritual it is.

I have a whole list of spirits I have only called once. Calling them does not in any way imply a relationship. You call, they show up, you give them a task, and they go on their merry way.

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NR12, he’s basically saying that you should keep all of this in one thread because there is really little difference between this thread and the last one you made. If you make thread after thread asking virtually the same thing, you’re just going to annoy people