Entity with malicious intent is attacking those close to me

Hello, my name is K.

About 7 months ago I moved in with my current roommate, we will call him C. C had mentioned, but I disregarded, his experiences with frequent sleep paralysis and paranormal things happening around the house. Some of these things were impressive; for example, one day, after my first oujia session in this place(3 months after moving in) a cup full of hookah charcoal(apx 4 lbs) flew acrossed the room and stained the floor with heavy charcoal that was soaked in water.

This entity has since left bruises on my gf, scratches on my roommate(scarred and roommate clains they burn sometimes).

The presence of this entity is static, cold, it’s touch burns in a sunburn like fashion. It has communicated LEVE, CABALACA, CAMBAMBA.

My roommate has been possessed several times. He walks out of his room and stares at a wall, then proclaims “how did I get here” after apx 20 mins of staring.

When I told my roommate I study these things and I was interested in his ‘companion’ he responded in text “Jacob wasnt too happy about that”. So I asked him who jacob was and he denied sending the text.

Apx. 2 weeks later, my friend F calls and claims “bro I was with C last night and he was acting weird then he turned and said ‘i am jacob’”. This rattled my friend to the point he asked me to stop practicing because he thought i summoned something. My roommate denied saying this as well.

This entity was then seen by F’s mom, I cleared and warded the room and she hasnt had problems. This entity has also been following my gf around who is staying at her own place(it followed her there) so,i had to ward her room as well.

During one my sessions i asked why the entity wouldnt harm me, but it would harm her. I asked if it was because I was protected, to this it responded “yes”.

It claims to not be a human spirit.

The 2 times I have seen it, it appeared to me as a yellowish, plasma like, body with 5 orbs in arrangement where the spine would be. The orbs looked blue purple as if I had looked into the sun, it was a 10minute encounter ending with it touching my gf(she was asleep) and she moaned in response, which was the certainty I needed to know, this being is not afraid of me. It was mocking me, showing me how close it could get to me and showing me it could touch her.

Who is this, what is this, I dont care about it messing with people tbh, I am interested in learning from it.

Any advice, similar, experiences, or bits of knowledge?

Ps. I have attempted to ask a few demons for guidance on knowledge, could someone else have picked up the phone? I called to camio primarily.

use the search option brother. use the search option