Entity with "bird/eagle" mask/costume

Saw this weeks ago when I was waking up…was wearing white clothing. Startled me

What could it be

Sounds a lot like Thoth to me

Maybe Ra or Horus, they both have a falcon like face. Khonsu has an eagle face in certain depictions. Thoth has more of a head like an ibis.


Yes, Ra / Horus / Ra Hoor Khuit.

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Weird… And it had like spectacles on

Don’t think its RA… Was wearing a white robe

More like this to be precise


Not trying to be annoying with my answer everyone is right that Ra/Horus matches the specific bird you said while Thoth is an Ibis

But wearing white longer beak eyeglasses which we often associate with intelligence

Still think you probably saw Thoth

And hey if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work I’m not offended

Also looks like a plaugue mask and with the viral contagion out there makes sense. Doctors would wear them during the black plague that could be a clue too :woman_shrugging:

Alright… Well I hope it was Thoth…

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LIKE A MONTH AGO. STANDING BEHIND ME. Black suit, white mask… omg omg omg

Yep… Do you think yours was Thoth? I don’t think mine was lol

No… I think it was a messenger of plagues/pestilence
A spiritual plague though. I saw my vision the first week of march.

A few days after seeing that plague doctor standing in the corner of my room, I started thinking of the four horsemen. Idk what that’s about.

It’s weird that both our visions saw specifically a white mask. I wonder why white…

Wait, mine was wearing black clothing though. oops. With a white mask.

Considering the COVID-19 outbreak now, it was a warning.