Entity visits in dream?

So I had an interesting experience this morning, which I find odd because I’ve been pretty detached from my practices lately due to exhaustion and depression,
But as I was in bed I began to fall into this dream, I laid in a bed and I began to vividly feel the touch of some unknown outside force. It was slightly sexual which did surprise me

(The feeling was incredibly real, and was the same feeling as when spirits have touched me when I wasn’t In a dream state.)

When I looked around the room finally, I remember seeing hieroglyphs on the wall before waking up.

I’ve never had any sort of dream with Egyptian symbols nor have I ever worked with Egyptian entities so the hieroglyphs did surprise me as well


Ancient Egypt was a advanced civilization that sprung from a desert. Egypt generally represents the hidden wonders of the world to include the pyramids, ancient monuments dedicated to dead kings.

Interesting vision with Egyptian hieroglyphics could represent feelings or beliefs about a purpose that is beyond your grasp or a situation sending you signals that there is purpose or fate that you don’t fully understand.

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Myths and legends say that once Egypt was a lush rainforest and in the ancient egyptian tongue called it Khem. But, whether this is a myth or a legend I have no clue


You’re right. Over 10,000 years ago in the Egyptian Sahara, changed with heavier rain fall with semi-arid conditions allowed for grasses and shrubs to grow, with some trees sprouting in valleys and near groundwater sources. The vegetation and small, rain pools enticed animals well adapted to dry conditions.

Later the region was extremely dry and the only lush area is around the Nile river and its basin.