Entity to attract companion

Hi everyone. This may be an odd question and I don’t know what kind of answer I will get, but I have a bit of an issue. The closest people to me are my hippie spiritualist parents,my atheist best friend, and my atheist boyfriend. The closest thing I have to someone I can have an in depth spiritual discussion with is a neopagan classmate in my world religions class. I wouldn’t try to change the beliefs of any of these people because I am not an asshole like that, but I have no one to talk to openly about spirituality in general, let alone “black magic” and such, and it be a two way conversation with both parties capable of contributions. This forum is great and i love being a part of it, but social media doesnt adequately substitute face to face communication and personal relationships. I know there are some entities people use to attract lovers. My question is…is there any way I can call up a particular entity to bring a like-minded companion into my life? What methods could I use? Any thoughts or advice?
I thank you for your help,

Try calling upon Isis (the goddess, not the nutty raghead dudes! lol!!) and ask her to give you someone who is balm to your soul, and for whom you are the answer to their lonely prayer.

I did this, not exactly whis way, but I GOT my lover! :slight_smile:

If not Isis (Aset) then an ancestral god, or one you just have always been attracted to. I’d say “oh and also demons” but they don’t seem best for handling subtle, caring matters… :slight_smile:

Thank you Lady Eva. :slight_smile: