Entity that knows about chakras


My chakras are extremely messed up for reasons I will keep to myself, does anyone know the name of an enemy that can help repair them and get them spinning properly? Angellic or demonic


personally i think that you do not need an entity to repair your chakras. i think that you can do that on your own through meditation and visualization.


Raphael since he is the great healer I would assume he can heal he energy bodies as well.


@Necromaster: In mild cases of misalignment I think DarkWillow is correct - these minor adjustments are something we can usually take care of ourselves. BUT, in the case of severe injury, trauma or chronic longstanding imbalances, I would strongly recommend Knowledgable assistance, be it a Physical or Nonphysical Person. Incidentally, have you approached Ose with this issue? (You’ve mentioned working with him several times.) Being the Master of Shapeshifting, wouldn’t it be practical for him to have a rather extensive understanding of the human energy system? Just a thought. And please let us know you’re doing okay, once you get a healing routine established. :wink: Z


I have the same problem. Especially my 1st, 2nd and 5th chakra are messed up due to having been brought up in a very dysfunctional household. I work on them with some of Robert Bruce’s techniques and I try to tackle them as wel with kundalini yoga. It’s a slow and painful process since it seems to trigger all kinds of unpleasant repressed childhood memories and makes me relive several physical illnesses I experienced in the past, albeit in a much milder form. Sort of a regression process. Evocation is unfortunately not in my skill set yet so I make do with what I can.

I used to release my anger into an imaginary black hole in the ground, but lately I’ve been deflecting it back to my mother. I figured let’s just give her back what she has given me. I don’t know if this is working, but a while ago she told me she’s feeling very tired lately and sleeping doesn’t seem to help her…

As you’ve mastered evocation: in Evoking Eternity EA talks about simultaneously evoking Raphael and Marbas for miraculous healings…


This remembered me something I read in EE. There, E.A. said that Marbas (Goetia) used to work healings taking energy from the root chakra. I suppose from this that many healing entities work with chakras in some way, as it is supposed that imbalances in these energetic centers lead to diseases. Maybe someone could evoke one of these entities and ask it :wink:



Thanks for all the answers right now I got the chakras that got messed up from leaking energy but now they are misaligned and spinning completely wrong, I never knew much about chakras in the first place besides the basics. I think raphael will be my best option.


It will help to vibrate bija mantras. I’d do the kundalini meditation from Questing daily.