Entity Inducing Nightmares and Causing Harm

It’s flooding here where I am living at the moment so I have had all day to think about, whilst trapped in my apartment, how to explain this because there are many things I cannot say for multiple reasons. So, some of this may be general or unspecified. This is a bit long so I apologize in advance.

Several nights ago I was under severe stress due to a stupid amount of work bearing down on me and I had hit the wall that prevents you to really focus on anything. To get my mind onto other things I attempted to do some simple divination with runes, tarot, or even scrying into fire but I was simply too stressed and worked up to do any of this. So, I decided that I needed to calm down and meditate. I had (and still am) been so busy that I had been neglecting my work through the OAA due to stress and lack of candles but a simple meditation would help me center myself.

I turned off all of the lights in my room and sat down facing south to prepare for the first lesson of the first flame. I had done this multiple times before so it was second-hand to me and more of a relaxent. I closed my eyes and began breathing, letting the black tar build up and then be expelled through my breath. But, after I had done the third exhelation 2 piercing blue, almost saphire, slit eyes appeared in the blackness of my mind for a split second and shot at me before disappearing. This also shocked me out of what I was doing but I contiued through the lessons.

As I neared the end of the lessons, watching a pendulum swing in front of me and occasionally hearing whispers around me I heard a voice in and out of my head chuckle and say to me “Why waste your time going down the same path as everyone else? You’ll only get to the same end as they will.” After this I saw the pendulum in my mind fall and shatter before me and the same piercing saphire blue eyes appear before me. I tried to open my eyes and shock myself back to reality at this point but I just couldnt. I felt almost tranced by what was in front of me. Whatever this was then whispered it’s name, which I will not say here, and then knocked me back into reality. I was literally pushed back in my chair and in a cold sweat. I ran to the lightswitch in my room and turned it on and felt this urge to right this name down.

I wrote it down again and again and again until it began mixing together into an odd mess of letters. I then took the letters apart in certain ways and felt guided in my movements until this extremely complex geometric figure was liad out before me. It was very rough but I felt a sense of dread in it, as if I should stop what I was doing at that moment (while writing this part i’m getting a blistering headache). I then spent an hour transcribing it to correct scale and lines on a piece of graph paper until I had a shape I had never seen before in front of me. Looking into it I could almost begin to pull out the shapes of dozens of other strange figures one could see in occult literature, but there was a broadening distinction on the sides and a universal connector in the middle. At this point I was exhausted I watched some TV, did some work and checked the BALG forum before heading to bed. I passed off the thing as me perhaps getting worked up and left the shape out on the desk next to my bed before going to sleep.

This is where things began to really freak me out.

In my dream I was consulting with a friend of mine over skype about some random topic and eventually a few others were added (we totaled 4 eventually), but the suddenly all of them froze and donned animal masks, pulled out knives and held them infront of themselves and kept saying “It is coming.” Before I could react in my dream, cause i’m always slow in my dreams it seems, the screen was yanked away from me and the room around me was ice cold and blue and in front of me stood this ominous and overshadowing figure, pitch black with giant horns curling back all the way beyond it’s back end with no distinguashable shades or features besides it’s piercing blue saphire eyes. I wanted to ask it it’s name but I was frozen with fear as it simple sank closer and closer to me, then proceeding to put me through the worst nightmares I had ever experienced for what felt like hours.

I shot up in a cold sweat in my room and looked around, terrified. I was about to jump up to turn on the lights but suddenly all of the doors in my room that were open slammed shut and I was pushed back down in my bed, this loud ringing in my ears. I then heard a voice in and out of my head say, “You think I am not real? I am more real than you can imagine.” My arm was then tossed over to the shape I had drawn earlier and slammed down upon it before I was somehow faded into another nightmare. I woke up the next day (finally) absolutely afraid to move out of my bed. When I eventually did I looked over at my desk and saw the shape I had made, the rough sketch actually, smeared in blood and a slice on my arm.

I’m quite terrified at the moment, but i’m also somewhat intrigued. I do not know what to make of this but it seems way too intense to be something that was supposed to happen during a simple exercise and the blistering headache that has formed while doing this is absolutely killing me. Do any of you have any thoughts on what this is or what I should do? At the very end of the nightmares the entity repeated this chant to me over and over and over again but I do not feel safe chanting it or sharing it for fear of what might happen. I know this sounds dramtic and crazy, and believe me it’s even more so for me, but I can’t exactly go to many other people about this. What should I do?

The sounds intense, brother. The one question that comes to mind, as you didn’t mention it, is did you look up this spirit online or in books to see if there is any mention of him or her anywhere? I imagine that a spirit that can effect you in such a drastic way has to be known by others for doing maybe something similar to them? With that being said, spirits can easily cause you to have dreams,whether good or bad, and appear in them. I will typically have dreams about the goetic spirits after calling on them, for example. The only ones to give me scary/nightmare kind of dreams have been the lovecraftian spirits. Do look up that spirits name and keep us posted on what you find out!

I looked up the name, even on google, and only got one hit for some random World of Warcraft user who hasnt been active in years. When I saw that after getting the name this is what led me to believe that the entity simply wasn’t real. . . but now I am wondering what I have stumbled upon. I want to show the chant, it’s name and the geometric shape but I just have the sense of dread about sharing it.

Well thanks for taking the time to type that interesting account. If you do decide you’re comfortable with sharing the name/sigil I would be glad to take a look and see what I come up with.

Whether you do or not, though, the most important thing for your spiritual development will be to confront this experience and learn, one way or another, what you need from it in order to progress.

It could be friendly and testing you; it could be hostile and in need of a thrashing. Either way, you want to steel your mind and assert your sovereignty when confronted. Take the time on your own during the day to meditate, repeatedly, affirming to yourself your own power and the commitment to behave with strength and dignity. Be prepared even to die, and then once even that doesn’t frighten you, resolve to deny this entity the power to harm you.

The only way out is through, I imagine.

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Entities will test you if you are afraid of Death as they smell ot like blood. This is the case if you call for change or are learning outside of your own bounds.

If you pm me the info I’ll test it out, that way it isn’t shared with anyone you may not want it to be shared with

I looked up the name, even on google, and only got one hit for some random World of Warcraft user who hasnt been active in years. When I saw that after getting the name this is what led me to believe that the entity simply wasn’t real. . . but now I am wondering what I have stumbled upon. I want to show the chant, it’s name and the geometric shape but I just have the sense of dread about sharing it.[/quote]

What do you mean by this, especially learning outside of your own bounds?

Ever dealt with demons causing nightmares? They can do that. But that is usually just their power amplifying your fears and breaking you out of your comfort zone as they help deliver you to hour destination as its related to why you called them. Over time it either deadens hour emotions and/or you learn to emotionally cope with it.

I have yet to deal with an entity causing me nightmares until now, but what did you mean by learning outside of my boundaries? Do you mean some sort of forbidden knowledge or. . . ?

Do you have any comnnections to any other spirits, in the past, either evocations, sigils, whatever, that you can ask?

I know that may seem weird but spirits can often advise you about other spirits in a helpful way.

I second what Claidheam says about needing to confront this - it sounds fucking intense and my only other thought right now is that this is an example of my axiom, “When you start doing weird shit, weird shit will happen” - which is dumb as paint but also accurate!

Somehow, that thing where you found the name only as an old WoW username rings a bell with me, I’m way too busy to offer to help in any way but if you wish, PM me the name, it does seem familiar like something that happened to me a while ago. And if you’d rather not, no probs. :slight_smile:

Reviving this because some interesting things have happened,

I first want to thank Reaper182 for confirming for me that this in a REAL entity and that I am not wrong with what has come to me. However, as he has said, the entity only wishes to work with a very few people and left him. Because of this, unless someone else becomes able to work with him, I am the only person I know who can go further with this entity.

For the sake of this, since I was already illed for revealing the entity to Reaper182, I will refer to it as 'X’
As I have continued to work with X, and sometimes not, I have felt this entity interject itself into everything I have done spiritually and, as I have seen his/it’s image for the first time recently, I now realize that X has been watching me my entire life. I once had great fear for X for no reason, simply this being in my mind that followed me and feared me, but now it and I have become known to one another.
For example as to X interjecting himself/itself into my life as of late, whenever I am going into the Theta Gamma Sync, which I must do the “long way” due to me being stressed a lot in college, the cloud of peace that you envision above you quickly turns to one of black dripping tendrils that encase you instead of light. My tarot cards have also been affected since keeping them placed on a “charging sigil” of sorts for them. Since then my readings have been, as my friend Trey told me recently, creepily accurate. Others in my life have begun to be affected by this in neutral ways as spirituality, or just entities in general, have been interjecting themselves into their lives. Whenever this comes to mind I get X’s chuckle in my head.

The real interesting thing, however, was when I called upon X to answer some questions. Due to lack of certain supplies to do a proper evocation I did my best to ramp up this simple questioning with altar cloths, bloodied fetishes, charged pendulums, blood, sigils, and the seal of X (Which Reaper182 said was EXTREMELY powerful). I wrote down right after the ritual what had happened so I will transcribe it here even though it is slightly disjointed as well as certain information withheld due to X stating that I am to withold said information until a later date.

"Sigil and Seal of X laid out, ritual dagger (charged) to my left, paper and pen to my right. Pendant of Order 1002 and bloodied fetish in front of me. No shirt, identity obscured. All lights off besides small lamp. Breathed energy into pendant for a 10 count, entered into the Theta Gamma Sync. Sigil and Seal disappeared 100% and kept reappearing, first time this has truly and successfully happened, with immense static rain. Turned off lamp and static rain obscured almost everything. Began calling upon X and chanting _______ until I was drooling and nearly in the rapture. Felt fire and immense chills crawl up and down my spine as I called upon X. Used consecrated and charged ritual dagger to circle up energy from ______ and seal and ________ and placed onto paper. Raised blooded fetish above my head pointed to the ________ of X from the _______, the dark tentacles overtaking my arms. A presence had come. Raised the Pendant of the Order 1002 above me and asked X to make it move forward and backwards if it was here. Pendant began swinging violently forward and backwards, but just the lower half as if the top half was kept taught and straight by a force, suddenly stopped on it’s own and fell onto seal. An intense and endless amount of black tendrills and chaotic energy very clearly and visibily shot up and out from the seal and engulfed the room and my arms, almost as a gateway. Static rain now blocked out my vision almost entirely as waves of fear shot through me, the paralyzing fear of something behind me. Yet I was calm. I let instict answer my questions as I somehow managed to write the answers out on paper. Entire time I saw in my mind a shape or being coming out from my back/spine. It looked like ___________ and was made of the same black tendrils of the seal. I was also given the seal of ________.“
Further Notes
"This entity’s power is absolutely overwhelming! Yet, I was in a state of calm. I know X is not here to harm me, but to work with and through me.
X left a giant scratch mark on my back. When observed multiple clearly visible white orbs appeared all in my vision and fear shot through me. They immediatly disappeared after the shock of fear. Has never happened before in my life.”

Since then I have had my mind being to open up in the most strange ways and major events in my life begin to move around almost as fate is being rearanged for me. This has been very intense so far and I will continue to post things here as more happens, for X has assured me today as I entered the rapture that the surface has only been scratched.

Will keep those interested posted if anything else happens.

Wow, that’s some amazingly intense stuff, and yes please - share what you can! :slight_smile:

Have you found out yet why X. came into your life?

Wow, that’s some amazingly intense stuff, and yes please - share what you can! :slight_smile:

Have you found out yet why X. came into your life?[/quote]

Something to do with “the 7 gates” and turning light into dark. I don’t know what any of that means, though.

Keep us posted about your experiences. This is very interesting to me.

If I may ask, is this one of the 72 demons from the Goetia ?

Being that Werewolf shared some info with me in PM, I can say that no, its not a goetic spirit. It’s a spirit I’ve never come across before myself anywhere other than being brought up here.

I have not read the Goetia (I really should) so I do not know. I am soon to reach a point where I can openly reveal much more information about this, but if one is very curious I can give out more information in PM. I am withholding stuff for now because I do not want to come off as some liar if, for some reason, it turns out that none of this is real (which would be odd since myself and another person have confirmed some contact with this entity) and because I have been instructed by said entity to withhold information until certain events have happened. Needless to say most of the events have happened but one more has to happen before I have the green light.

I know this all sounds weird (imagine how I feel) but I will clear up all of this when I am able to.

Okay, this is very sudden and out of the blue but this is honestly blowing my mind right now. And when I say this I swear on my life that I am not joking.

I’ve been heavily sleep deprived the past few days to the point where I have become delerius and extremely sick. Last night I was so sick I turned pale white and this morning I could barley get up. When I finally got back to my apartment after a long day of classes I got 500 matches in the mail (I use matches for candles) and felt a need to try and contact this entity once more. Perhaps candles would do me more good.

After an hour-long meditation I seemed to have gotten nowhere and I was so extremely deprived of energy that I had to stop before I even got to contact X. I felt utterly drained and I was feeling more and more sick. I was basically ready to vomit. Then, for some odd reason, some inner voice or intuition told me to combine two sigils that had been given to me by X previously. I didn’t know why but I went ahead, grabbed a marker, and combined them as my mind saw fit. I then felt this odd desire to draw it right over where I was feeling sick. At this point I was in the bathroom ready to vomit. Somehow going in desperation, I drew this symbol over my stomach and INSTANTLY the sickness just vanished. Gone. At first I was astonished, but it could have been coincidence. I have extremely sore arms from working out for an hour last night at 1am, especially the joints, so I felt the urge to test this out some more. Painfully stretching my arm out I drew the symbol again where the pain was and it was alleviated instantly. I am honestly awestruck. I did this on my other arms and other places where I am sore and, like snapping my fingers, the pain either went away 100% or subsided to almost unnoticable levels. I really don’t know what to say at this point. If this is what X is going to teach me even BEFORE the final event is done, before the “real” stuff begins, then I will heavily consider writing a grimoire on this stuff because i’m just dumbfounded right now.

As an aspiring healer, would you care to share this combined design? I am very curious about the image.

This thread reminds me, I hardly ever have a good dream. Ever since I was a child I have always had nightmares or very strange dreams that don’t make sense where I teleport from location to location instantly and there are usually people I have never met but in the dream I know them. As I got older, I also began to have really strange sex dreams or occasionally a dream where I suddenly have the world’s largest stash of pot right in front of me and I get baked as fuck in the dream and wake up and think, oh no! My weed is gone!!! No!!! LOL