Entity in live picture!

So my lover sent me a selfie and I don’t want to post the gif publicly. I’m pretty sure there is a face next to his face in the gif. If you’re interested in helping me decipher what the other face is I would be so happy to send you a pm ! Thank you comment if you would like to help :point_down:t4:


I’m rather a beginner with questionable knowledge but I can at least try to help and dig into it through research however I cannot offer much beyond that.


Please send me a pm with the picture. Would like to assist. Thanks


I can take a look at it.


Couldn’t spot it at 1st glance however after looking at the gif really closely I’ve spot it. Looks hostile (at least to me) will dig into it a bit later as it is too late for it just now.

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Thank you :pray: yes it took me a while to notice too

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If you want you can PM me also the pic. i might be able to do some digging as i’m in league with quite a few demons…

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they are opening the eyes in the same time and with the same intensity,thats the thing that gives me a sensation of ( no,no its nothing )

i felt nothing real tbh

Feel free to show me.