Entity in dreams-Knows Lucifer-Need help finding out who it was

Hey everyone. Last night I had an entity visit me in my dreams. I had 4 dreams and he appeared in all of them. In the second one I went up and confronted him.

“Hey your not from around here aren’t you?”

“Hm yeah you could say that”

“How’s Lucifer?”

“Well I don’t really see him down there all that much. I normally get my servants to go and serve his bidding’s.”

I am going to Evoke Lucifer to ask who visited me in my dreams last night(My senses aren’t really developed yet so he normally communicates through my dreams)

But I want some opinions to who have might have been in my dreams.


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Probably one of Lucifer’s subjects. But who knows…

And it seems like a spirit that has its own servants.

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Yeah I was thinking that too. Do you know any of Lucifers subjects or know anyone who would know about Lucifers subjects?

Not really, that would say something like that at least.

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