Entity fuck me up?

Ok, so i have this huge fight with my GF its and she evoke Lilith in depression, yes shes a witch. It takes only minutes until i feel creeping chill from my spine to my crown chakra…

I have 2 spirit compagnion, and suddenly i cant feel their presence, i though its only due to my stress and all. And then I try to meditate to raising my inner black flame, and i dont feel a shit at all. Something not right and i know it, i try to chanting some word of power but nothing happen.

In this point, I assume that maybe Lilith fucked me up. But no, not that quick! I still try to be positive. But that though still linger in my mind, so i try to contact Lilith. Its not my first invocation, before this I few time invoke her and get positive insight from her, but now… I simply cant open hsr sigil, not only her sigil but other entities as well.

Oh, i forget… Once my GF invoke Lilith, she said that have intense chronic pain on her womb… Is this still relate?
Is anyone here have close relationship with Lilith and help me to clarify this, thanks before

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Okay, this is weird



Probably not related


I don’t think you magick disappeared because your power comes from within yourself, but if it feels duller than normal, try taking a break and then see how it goes.

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It is …indeed

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She could have definitely done something to cut your communication with your Guides. Try and cleanse and sheild asap

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Question… Are we gonna copy paste each answer on both threads or what? In that case:


I have read that Lilith will seek revenge against men that has done a female wrong…
That pain may be a warning to not have children by you? I had the same thing happen(before I chose this path)and well…im reaping the repercussions…
I would provide a peace offering to your girl…and an offering to Lilith.

in a good way or in a bad way? many on this site actually want entity to fuck them up. sexually. just responding base on thread title by the way without reading the rest. =o)

As per the thread. depends on the magick request. if it’s to mess you up then lillith didn’t mess you up. your gf did for requesting such. lillith just fulfil the request. however, i don’t think so. many blame magick when things go wrong. it’s just assumptions and coincidence. no such thing as magick dissapearing. It’s infinite.

Also there is another thread by cissa that was quoted earlier.
Could she be your girlfriend? talk to each other.

they probably don’t know that they both are asking for same help on here if it’s two different people. lol because the story is the same. haha.

I never asked for his magic to disappear. I asked Lilith so that I was strong and not dependent on men

This is a duplicate of question from the GF with more detail. Flagged for @Lady_Eva - I think it would be a lot less confusing to merge the threads, but she’ll have some ideas.


I don’t think Lilith did this, as she was not asked to.

You may be still upset from the fight, and the most likely source of this is your own emotional body creating blocks.
I’d say, start there and use divination to figure out the problem.

I think the “Lilith’s mother” bit was a mistake based on English grammar being tricky and English is not the OP’s first language. There is no new entity we haven’t heard of.

The one golden rule is that energy follows mind, magick works off intention. Neither your GF nor Lilith had any intention to block your magick. Unless your GF has some very deep subconscious wish she isn’t aware of in the surface to make this happen, it’s not her. Divination can help with this as well.

Oh, i forget… Once my GF invoke Lilith, she said that have intense chronic pain on her womb… Is this still relate?

This could be a coincidence. It could also be a physical manifestation of emotion - which come back to what I just said above, that your GF could have accidentally set this energy in place herself.

This is why it’s very useful to perform things like Qliphoth pathworkings to learn yourself very well, inside and out. Then strong emotional reactions can be more easily understood.

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I’m actually sort of at a loss, @Cissa & @Genderewo do you want me to merge these?

Magick-wise, it seems like @Cissa needs to contact Lilith and ask her to please remove any blocks, but I don’t know.

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Im going to third the request for the gf to call Lilith. Who knows how what she did will “help”(?) you in the future. Perhaps this is a long game play.

Im trying to be optimistic about this.

This is a good idea. What she says in response should be interesting.

I just came through a weirdness with Samael where he started acting out of character. I suspected an impostor but the usual ‘show me your sigil’ test was being passed, and the energy was very close, but not but yeah… and banishing and evoking the ‘old’ Samael was getting this ‘new’ guy.
So, I reached out to Azazel to get an unbiased perspective from someone I trust to be real with me and that I can always reach reliably.
It was a human, who shall remain nameless, but I’ll admit I’m disappointed. Now I have to figure out how to reach the real Samael and see if he still wants to complete the work we were doing.

So that’s something else to try - in case you don’t get satisfactory answers from Lilith, or have trouble reaching her clearly, or just for good measure, try talking to an entity that knows you both.
The Focalor suggestion would work here. I like him a lot and he’s never done me wrong :slight_smile:


Sorry for confusing us, the two of us didn’t know how to post because we were too panicked …

All night he tried to contact his guardian spirit but couldn’t, he also begged for mercy from Mother Lilith but got no reaction at all …
The problem with crying and chanting is I don’t want this at all. I just wanted to be much stronger and less dependent on men.
Help me

Do you only want women to answer?

I also read qliphoth at that time, I routinely read it every 3 days immediately 3spere. In the past, I also read 10 directly when I was emotional.
And a friend of mine tries to recite the tarot and her uterus also feels pressure like mine …
What should I do

Anyone help me … The magic that had been learned for years just disappeared. Is there a way to reverse this? Can someone recite tarot for us?