Entity for real fast Hair growth?

Yup… I MisS My fuckin hair I need em back A.s.a.p. ANY recommendations

Bruce Willis does not need hair to be sexy

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Bruce Willis is fucking ancient, his hair moved to a retirement community and the kids never visit.


ok, so Patrick Antonius ?


no hair and sexy !

A bald head means that I can receive messages from my HGA faster and with more clarity. And for reference Bruce Willis IS my HGA…my sexy sexy HGA.

But seriously. The Cusp made a post about hair growth.

The rock doesnt have hair either half the time and he makes me question my sexuality. Its a matter of perspective dude.

I remember a recipe for this in a book. I don’t know if it will work though.

I had a guy tell me to use Miracle Grow before, his rationale was plants have roots and so does hair. Couldn’t argue with that logic.

If one was aware of what hormones and what parts of the body were responsible for producing them perhaps they could use meditation or energy work to stimulate the hair growing hormones.

Fuck it man, just shave it. As an outlaw I can say for a fact, chicks like the shaved head. Add a beard and a Harley and you are in; though I may sue you for stealing my style. As I tell myself, hair loss =mid thirties, shave it and get over it.

^This, mine was falling out by mid 20’s. I keep it clean and never looked back.

Ive always shaved my head. And andreeje’s right-chicks love it. Love your life Skinhead :wink:

Just don’t forget the bike man! And remember, chrome won’t get you home but it will get you laid:)

Ive had this problem for the past few years where my hair isnt thinning, it just isnt growing. I buzzed it one summer and it just has never grown past that length since, staying permanently short. What do?

Be thankful it hasn’t fallen out.

Hmmmm what if I used Chia seeds from my Chia Pet?

I find it interesting that magicians tend to be so acceptant of hair loss, when we’re always striving to change anything else we can get our meaty little paws on. Seriously, wouldn’t this just be a form of shape shifting?

speaking about hair loss, someone already used a curse to make someone bald ? For a woman this would be worse than Hell itself :smiley:

I figure I don’t need hair, then it has to be combed and styled, I prefer to be without it, only takes a minute to shave it every morning and I don’t have to worry if it looks presentable. FWI: I haven’t lost my hair yet, only 34, but as a black magician why would I care much how my hair looks? Got bigger spiritual fish to fry than to worry about hair gel and wether it’s parted on the right side, I just shave it and am done with it.

SAMSON wouldnt agree with you, andreeje

Samson’s hair was the source of his strength but also his greatest weakness. Need a better role model than someone who can be killed by cutting his hair. Kind of a weak talisman to put your strength into.