Entity for providing animals for sacrifice?

I’ve been hinted at by a few spirit buddies that I need to walk a path of destruction to prove my power to myself.

This includes curses but also animal sacrifice to establish a stronger link to the spirits I work with.

Does anyone know of a spirit that will help me find animals for this purpose?
Right now I’m in need of a dove but can’t find one where I live.

Also I’m needing goats and hens.
I could buy a baby chick but couldn’t keep it at my place while it gets old enough for the sacrifice.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you can buy a dove in a shop, or from some dove hobbyst? This would be the easiest way I think.

Regarding hens, maybe you can call to some small farmers, or look for craiglists to find one to sell?

Regarding goat I have no bloody idea.

I’ve looked for doves in my area and there are none.
The only place to buy hens is where you have to buy them as chicks and I can’t raise a baby chick with my daughter in the house to end up sacrificing it.

I think I’ll call AkashabSubturfuge

Have you had a divination done about this? I mean if you are going to do some animal sacrifice you want to be absolutely sure, you run the risk of pissing off some BIG TIME players if done even slightly improperly.

I haven’t done any divination but I had a ritual outlined by an entity that involved sacrifice.

Couldn’t you just do an act of magick and request that a dove come to you in some way? Hell, if you can request the perfect person be brought to you to fulfill your sexual needs, I don’t see a dove being an issue. You could also use a shamanic pathworking and ask of the overarching spirit of the species if one may be willing to offer itself. There are many available techniques.

What kind of Shamanic path working would I do?

The easiest method I know is to countdown to an Alpha state, ask in your mind to be taken to the Spirit of Dove, visualize the World Tree, search among the roots for an opening, crawl through, and when you emerge you should be in the environment of Dove. Explore until you are approached, and make your request. When finished, repeat the steps in reverse to bring yourself back.

This is the basic method of Christopher Penczak in his Shamanic Witchcraft. You can also ask your spirit allies, if you have some, to help you. A candle spell could be used as well.

You sure your not getting in a bit over your head bud?

You think spirits always give straight answers? Sometimes they test you.

Well…it’s your path…choose wisely.

Good luck

Learn how to trap. The sacrifice would be way more rewording when you put some real effort in it. that’s why a lot of the old books are always saying you should make all of your tools from the ground up as well as raising your sacrifices from birth. this isn’t nessissary but it does strengthen the work. I hope I never get asked to sacrifice my dog but if I ever did, I sure as hell better become immortal and have utmost power over all things because that’s how much I love my dog.

Make sure you look up how to do it correctly - you’re going to have an animal fighting for its life, and even a chicken can be amazingly strong at that extreme of fear, and also unless you have some reason (and I personally can’t condone this, ever) you don’t want to cause unecessary suffering just through doing a botched job. Killing any living being isn’t as easy as the movies make it look.

Some birds especially have weird nervous systems (one poor bird actually lived without a head for 18 months - Mike) and you need to educate yourself a bit on this.

Ovwolves, if any entity asked me to kill my dog I’d tell them to get lost! No price would be worth me violating my own ethics in that manner, I’d view it as a test of personal integrity, and say “No way José.”

He trusts me, and I don’t think I could live with the look in his eyes if I killed him, it’s bad enough when I’ve had to have old sick dogs humanely put to sleep… ick.

I sure as hell couldn’t either that was the msg I ment

I agree with Orismen, do a reading and see what comes up. As for finding animals, no need. Walk outside and you’ll find plenty. I use small animals for my sacrifices as those are what’s abundant and “cheap” (really only cost is trapping tools unless you’re a skilled gamesman and know how to build your own traps). Squirrels, rabbits, mice, snakes, the occasional bird, etc.

Thanks for all the advice guys.
I don’t want ya’ll to think I’m doing this for the hell of it.

I channeled a ritual through an entity that specifically said this was necessary.
During the ritual me and my friend was both given a “gift”.

We were surrounded by the head entity and his lesser gods
The entity appears as a snake and my friend felt him coil around him and bite him on the bite which left a physical mark then I was told to extend my hands out to one of the other gods and I felt a euphoric wave of energy flow from my arms and throughout my torso.

We were then given the ritual to receive the power we asked for.
I have a pretty good idea what it is but only time will tell.


Truth be told, I’d rather sacrifice a human than an animal. While the legal ramifications of the former far exceed those of the latter, I happen to like animals. There’s plenty of rapists within the world; not many of them would be missed were they to suddenly vanish.

All it takes is a little creative thinking…a venomous snake could hardly be viewed as a murder weapon were the individual’s body to be found amongst a lush and tranquil forest where that particular species resides. You have your sacrifice and rid the world of some overly abundant trash while you’re at it.

Granted, all hypothetically speaking of course… Thankfully, my spiritual path doesn’t require sacrifice, beyond emotional energy. I’m more inclined to create willing, living, sacrifices driven to debaucherous madness…both legal and quite enjoyable. Still, there’s been a few occasions within the past where a simple name could have resulted in the descried hypothetical situation listed above, were it only provided.


I posted my previous message before reading the one directly above mine involving the serpent visualization; that’s extremely interesting.