Entity for clairvoyance

Who would be the most suited entity to as for help with clairvoyance? Be it demon or angelic.

Theres only 2 that I know of;

The spirit Sastan from Kingdoms of flame and the spirit Mepsitahl from Summoning spirits.

Yeah, EA had mentioned that the entity Mepsitahl helped him develop his clairvoyance and ability to see into a scrying mirror more than any other spirit… ever.

I’ve heard a lot of recommends for Mepsitahl. The angel Gabriel is said to have specialty in this area, and the elemental air king Paralda from Evoking Eternity can also teach.

I can’t remember which planetary intelligences (from Bardon) are of help in this area, but if you aren’t familiar with Bardon, Uncle Chuckie has a quick and dirty breakdown of the main intelligences in his Psionics Grimmoire:


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Thanks guys for the advice on who would help. Just a question, has anyone had experiance with either Mepsitahl or Gabriel and what are their energys like? Thanks again.

Can you evoke?

No not yet, I’m still working on my psychic senses.

Well, I guess you could get some benefit by doing sigil magick with the various entities, but if can’t evoke yet, knowing good entities to use is somewhat academic.

I would advise that you start trying to scry/evoke soonish. It is the kind of direct practice that will actually develop your skills. And once you can evoke/scry, the entities can help you further. Don’t worry if you fail at first - just keep trying.

And when you evoke, it is important to believe that the ritual worked every time. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. So go ahead and greet them, make your request, thank them and dismiss them - just as if they are actually there.

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Thanks for your advice! I will put what you said into practice when time permits me. Again many thanks, it’s always good to learn from those more experienced.

Sure thing. It won’t hurt at all to start using sigil magick with the entities you want to learn from - building that connection and having them work on you will speed things up. Just intend/ask for the same things you would do in evocation.

You just won’t likely be able to have a conversation with sigil magick, but they can still aid you. Good luck!