Entity Channelings

Hi, so been a while since I posted about working with Azazel. I’ve recently gone back to him after hearing his calling.

However, I did an automatic writing a few days ago and I’ve been reading over it. I’ve put it off, but I feel that he would like me to share what he said to others, as it may apply to many out there.

Azazel: Remember, you can only control yourself and your work, your mind and emotions. No one else’s. You can’t help everyone.

This is just a snippet of what was said as what was spoken prior was personal. But I think it says a lot.

I often have trouble with being the “giver”, the one that’s always there even if it’s not reciprocated. I always used to think “Maybe this person will change. Maybe they’ll realise.” But of course, it doesn’t happen. I have stopped caring about such people.

This is exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

I hope this puts people at ease who need to hear it. :sparkling_heart:


Yeah some people suck big-time. They’ll take and take till there is nothing left then complain and cast the person whom was providing aside…

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Been there and got the T-shirt. It does suck but there’s not a lot that can be done only take it as a learning experience.

Okay so i did a few more the other day. Some came to me automatically, which I will list below. I definitely think I’ve become more open to messages with doing third eye opening meditations. The following were just stated with no questions asked, hence why they are separate rather than one big answer.

I decided to add them here rather than keep making new topics for every one I do.

King Belial: “Stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.”

“We don’t care how experienced you are when you come to work with us. We only care that you are willing to put the work in.”

I think by this he means it doesn’t matter if you have been evoking for weeks, a month or six months. Though I will need to confirm the exact meaning of the message from him to get an accurate definition.

“Do not expect others to do your work for you. We would rather hear from YOU. This is your journey, and yours alone.”

Lucifer: “The things you want back the most are the things that hinder you.” This refers to a number of things, we all have things we think are important, that we can’t live without. But they may just be the things that are blocking us.

Now, onto the channeling I intended to do. King Belial asked that I evoke him on a certain day from his last visit and I did so. He had the following to say:

King Belial: “There is no need to become arrogant when you have been successful. Proud, yes. Be proud of how far you have come. Arrogance is not pride. Arrogance is the ego: A weakness.”

After some research, I have come to the conclusion that King Belial meant authentic pride (when we feel good about ourselves, confident and productive) VS hubristic pride (which involves egotism, leading to negative personality traits).

And lastly…

“Asking for assistance is not bad in itself. But it is easy to become addicted to such. I say to you now: Do not depend on others to advise you what to do next. This is your journey.”