Entity attachment(poltergeist)

Edit: i think its a succubus I summoned way back and she is justifiably jealous of my gf. This is my fault and I think i just need to make amends and properly care for her. I didnt know for sure if the summoning worked cuz I’m a pothead and when I get the sensation “you know where” I always assumed it to be the weed.

How do I show her my love? How do I open my self to her psychically? I have heard her before but I simce blocked it out :frowning:

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Sorry to hear about your troubles, but this relates quite closely to some work I’m doing currently with a poltergeist egregore and I admit to being a little excited.
If you’d be willing to evoke my egregore in your home a few times ( say several times over the next two weeks ) and try pull the succubus into the same ritual space, it would be a big help.
If you could assist me with this, I’d happily help you out with your succubus problem.
Besides, if I’m correct, evoking my egregore should reduce the succubus’ ability to manifest so physically

I appreciate the offer but I dont want her harmed. I need to make amends and to learn to properly care for her.

I do have a younger girl haunting my house however. If your egregore could help move on or help tell her to stop fucking screaming when I astral project, then id love to help with your project

It could certainly help with that, yes. I’ll pm you the sigil shortly

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