Entitiy Problems & Development Progress

Today, I heard a spirit in full clarity for the first time, and I believe I understand why I had been having so much trouble before.
I was dreaming, and it was a fairly typical dream for me over the past couple of years- trying to swat down and banish an entity of unclear character that has been tormenting/toying with me for attention and energy through ‘possession’ and other unsavory actions, taunting that it was eating me/going to absorb me and there was nothing I could do about it.
This time something was different, as I seemed to have internalized to the dream-intellignece level exactly what ‘fed on attention’ MEANS- and I decided to ignore to it’s provocations. It immediately freaked out and the whole scene switched around, and it tried to play nice, pretending to be a dream girl and offering sex, but I kept ignoring it. I “heard”, more on the level of thought, something like “Don’t you want to mate?” I replied “No, I want this thing out of me.”- I think this particular voice was from something else, and I soon got an idea of what/who. Eventually I was essentially 100% dialed in on the feeling of my own body, and the dream ‘popped’ like a bubble.
Suddenly I had a sensation like I was being squeezed all over, almost like a hug, and then something like a cross between the caress of a breeze and many hands rubbing over me briefly before withdrawing. Descriptions I’ve read of “wind spirits” suddenly made a lot more sense.
That was when I heard a voice, perfectly clear. Ethereal and womanly; “I failed to save you.” I was quite startled by the clear legibility of the words, and wanted to ask it/her? many questions, but then I woke up.
I hope that this particular spirit will re-visit me, so I will have some opportunity to speak with it. I suspect it could reveal quite a lot about the whole situation.

And now for something completely different (maybe).
Another dream, surprise, but seemingly of completely separate nature. If it was the same entity, it’s changed tactics sharply.
Similar setup: Familiar dream settings, but with some additional entity-related nonsense. In THIS case, the ‘additional nonsense’ was:

Water flooding the whole world, me completely failing to float/swim and “drowning”
A booming, bellowing male ‘demonic’ voice demanding my submission
A sense of something standing behind me

It would have been a terrifying nightmare, no doubt, if I wasn’t nearly 100% lucid for the occasion.

One other interesting note, is that the ‘demon’ described it’s “domain” and associations to me, and then demanded I try to guess it’s name (and to submit to it, of course.) I decided that it could shove it, and that it would have to tell me it’s name itself.

I’m almost excited for the next ‘encounter.’ Things are getting interesting.