Entities work

So when you Contact any entities such as Lucifer Azazel Saint death Ect How would communicate with them or hear them cuz I want to start working on things to evolve my myself but if they are gonna give Guidance on how I can evolve myself further how would I know

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There are a few different ways that they can communicate. One way is through your spiritual or clair senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience etc…you have to develop these senses over time…

Another way that you can communicate with them and get guidance etc is through various forms of divination.

Yet another way that you might get communication is through dreams…which is very common.

Other than that, I suggest just staying open and aware as spirits often send signs from the most unexpected places.


This may be of help.

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I had dreams involving saint death whenever I would evoke her most of time when I wake up I would forget the dreams the I just had. I also dont know how to interpret dreams so when I get them I usually get confuse because I cant tell what it means, all my spirit Companions communicate throught dream and I usually get readings to tell me what it means


When I first started, an keep in mind to this day I’m still fighting this, I researched literally everything I could get my hands on to reprogram my head from religious brainwashing,You will manipulate what your reaction will be.

Once my mind became more disciplined I started reaching out to understand more as you are wanting to do so, spirits was always easy to hear, for deity’s it was something I had to learn, the more I did it the better it became, much like going to the gym,

When beginning meditation is the key, mantras an enns help, so at my first try I mixed my ritual with scrying as well, for a few moments I could hold focus enough to see my deity’s image I could not hear them however, but what I think is the most important part is there was signs there was hints,

Flames movement
Incense smoke
Item falling after a question
Certain intense feelings
It’s like a sign language game, then you’ll notice new signs throughout your day an it’ll hit you like a train that your phone call was answered.


I agree with @BabyDragon there are so many ways, Although all beings work on an individual basis so what works for one off us may not work for you,
Practise makes perfect…:blush:
I work a lot with lucifer and it started with my senses first then built up to visual and astral, Lucifer likes to teach, so listen, learn and reap the benefits :blush:


Do you mind if I PM you for some Specific Questions

That is fine. If you get a reading to find out the meaning…there is no problem with that. You still are getting the message.

I would suggest learning a divination system that you can do yourself as well. It will help. That way, you don’t have to wait to understand a dream. You can ask them directly what you need to know and they can communicate directly to you. I would suggest something simple-ish like a pendulum. Ask you questions and get yes/no answers. That is a good place to start.

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Yes I did used a Pendulum before but I felt like I was having to much influence on it myself and I stop using it because Questions the I asked the shoulda been a (yes) were (no) and answers the shoulda been a (no) were (yes) also I heard pendulum Could be manipulated by unwanted entities and attract unwanted beings aswell

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Well…I was taught that you should never ask a question you already know the answer to when you are doing divination. So you asking questions and you know that it should be a no but you get a yes…that would be because you are asking questions you already know the answer to…so it fucks with the results.

I would suggest trying it out on something simple and that doesn’t have a lot of impact…test it out with something like that and as you build confidence, grow to the bigger things.

Anything can be manipulated by unwanted entities if you don’t do it properly. That is why you cleanse, ground, banish, protect etc…

When I do divination, I always state EXACTLY who I intend to communicate with and I always state that ONLY the message that is for the highest benefit of myself or whoever I’m reading for comes through.

Also, with your pendulum, you have to make sure you programmed it with yes/no/maybe…also…make sure before you use any spritual tools, that you cleanse them and charge them with your own energy.

If you were trying to use a pendulum without cleansing it or without being very clear on what was yes, what was no, and what was maybe…that could be part of the problem as well.

At the time when I was using a Pendulum To communicate with my Companion I was new to this I didnt do any cleansing and stuff As I went on youtube to learn how to use it and people didnt really explain much of cleansing and intent now besides pendulum what’s another form of divination

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It isn’t to say I wont try pendulum

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Yes, then that’s probably the problem that you were running into.

That is the danger with learning from sources like youtube. There’s a lot of people out there giving a lot of information that is suspect. People don’t understand that there are spirits and energies attached to everything. You can’t just pick up divination tools and use them without cleansing everything away first…it’ll impact your results.

Divination tools are abundant. Tarot, Oracle cards, pendulum, shells, pennies, bones, scrying with smoke, fire, mirrors, crystal balls, and much much more. It really is up to you what you use. Pick what draws you most, study it, practice it and use it!

Whatever you use, make sure that you cleanse it first. Also… always pray before hand for protection. Always state who you are trying to contact…don’t just go casting your divination tool without being clear who you are talking to…otherwise ANYONE might answer.

Study, practice, study, practice, study practice

And KEEP A JOURNAL!!! I promise it will help!